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20+ D&D Pet Peeves That Drive Dungeon Masters And Players Bonkers

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We've all been there; finally sitting down at the table after weeks of planning, and scheduling, and rescheduling for a game of Dungeons & Dragons when someone takes out their phone and starts texting incessantly, scrolling through social media, or even playing a mobile game. It's rude, disrespectful, and a slap in the face to everyone else at the table that chose to take time out of their day to experience a collective narrative with friends.

This, in addition to many other pet peeves, have plagued D&D tables for years, and dungeon masters are frankly sick of it. Not knowing how to play your character after 20+ sessions, to trying to seduce everything in-game that has a pulse because it's "in character," and trying to be the main character of an adventuring party are some of the most common instances of poor behavior that have no place in the TTRPG world. 

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