Unspeakable Times

A Son Was Murdered Over Pictures Of His Dad In A Diaper

in 2012, Mark Redwine allegedly killed his 13-year-old son, Dylan, after the teen discovered compromising photos of Redwine wearing a diaper and eating feces. On July 21, 2017, Washington law enforcement arrested Redwine for Dylan's murder - nearly five years after the boy went missing. The authorities extradited Redwine back to La Plata County in Colorado. According to authorities, Dylan's older brother, Cory, said Dylan discovered several photos of Redwine in compromising positions, and he wanted to confront his father about it. Investigators suspect Dylan brought the photos to his father, who became enraged and beat the boy to death. Dylan subsequently went missing, and authorities recovered his body seven months later on a rural road near Redwine's home. Redwine is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. In June 2018, now 55-year-old Redwine pled not guilty and awaits a 2019 trial.

  • The Pictures Showed Mark Redwine Wearing A Diaper And More

    Dylan and his older brother, Cory, were at their father's home in Durango, CO, for a reportedly court-ordered visit around Thanksgiving in 2012. Mark Redwine was in a custody battle with the boys' mother Elaine Hall, and Hall said both Dylan and Cory did not want to go to their father's house. The last time anyone heard from Dylan was on November 18, 2012, when he sent a text message to his mom.

    Sometime during this trip, Dylan saw photos of his father dressed in women's clothing, wearing a diaper, and eating feces, according to Cory. Cory originally showed his brother the photos after prompting, and Dylan told him he wanted to confront their father about them. Cory told a Denver news outlet: "I have seen the photos [...] It was disgusting. We couldn't believe it." That night, Dylan allegedly approached his father while Cory was not at the residence. The next morning, Dylan was reported missing.

    • Despite Evidence, Redwine Vehemently Denies He Killed His Son

      Despite Evidence, Redwine Vehemently Denies He Killed His Son
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      Investigators recovered Dylan's body approximately seven months after his reported disappearance. Medical examiners then determined the teen died of blunt force trauma. In 2013, Redwine, Hall, and Cory appeared on Dr. Phil, where Redwine vehemently denied being involved in his son's disappearance. He agreed to take a polygraph but then publicly declined.

      Redwine became a person of interest to investigators in 2015, and police dogs later found evidence of Dylan's blood in Redwine's house and in the interior of his car. Eventually, Cory told police about the pictures, and Redwine's inconsistent statements contributed to his suspicion.  


      • Redwine Pled 'Not Guilty' And Awaits Trial

        Redwine Pled 'Not Guilty' And Awaits Trial
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        It took the grand jury three days to indict Mark Redwine for his son's death. In a June 2018, Redwine pled not guilty to La Plata County Courts. Reportedly, he remained silent during the proceedings, as legal officials discussed whether to relocate the pending trial to another county. Redwine remains in custody of the county jail as he awaits his pre-trial, set for late November 2018.

        His bail is set at $750,000, and Redwine could face up to nearly 50 years if convicted during his February 2019 trial.