Interesting Fan Theories From Movies That All Dads Just Seem To Love

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There are a lot of movies that every dad just seems to love or reference constantly. From comedies to war dramas, and everything in between, there are just certain films that seem to resonate with dads.  From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding a few of the movies that every dad seems to love.

Check out these fan theories from the ultimate dad movies below, and don't forget to vote!

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    Lone Starr Is Dark Helmet's Former Roommate In 'Spaceballs'

    From Redditor u/theyusedthelamppost:

    The quote that Dark Helmet uses to explain their connection is:

    I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.

    But if you look at the bolded parts of the quote, it's possible for them to just create a loop that cancels out.

    For whatever reason, Lone Starr doesn't remember his past but Helmet does know that these sequence of connections are legit. Helmet is purposely being obtuse (for the sake of comedy) by adding in extra offsetting steps in the connection. Next:

    Lone Starr: So what does make us?

    Helmet: Absolutely nothing.

    That's technically true because being former roommates does not make you related.

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    Michael Corleone's Effectiveness And Superiority In 'The Godfather' Came From His US Military Training

    From Redditor u/Whitepill-rescue:

    TLDR: Michael Corleone's effectiveness and superiority over other crime families came from his US military training which no other mafioso of his time had

    I feel like posting this because out of the endless discussions on the effectiveness of Michael Corleone in the godfather film, none seem to have realised that Michael Corleone's effectiveness came from his US military training.

    Evidence 1: "Pearl harbour style attacks: Before Michael became godfather, America was ruled by 6 crime families, none of which could overpower the other, either economically or violently (through assassinations). Within days of becoming godfather, Michael was able to eliminate all 5 of the other crime families in one single day through a military style, multi theatre coordinated attack. After this "hit", Michael became sole godfather of all of America. This was something which even the great Vito Corleone or don barzinni was not able to do (something which we know the other 5 crime families had been trying to do for decades).

    Why? US military strategic planning. By the end of the war, Michael had achieved the rank of officer and had years of experience on the European and Japanese theatre. As an officer, and a fully decorated one at that, he would have had to coordinate platoons to carry out "hits" on a daily basis on groups of enemy soldiers. Think about the amount of planning Michael would have had to coordinate groups of men in carrying out ambushes and multi prong attacks on several companies of soldiers hiding around Okinawa or the hedges of France. Compared to ambushing entrenched German soldiers or Japanese diehards hiding in holes, caves and jungles, Carrying out this "hit" on the same day on 5 mafia bosses going to their favourite barber or flower shop was a piece of cake.

    Evidence 2: Sniper senses: In Godfather 2, Michael seemed to have an uncanny sense of knowing beforehand that he was going to be ambushed. For example, he was able to avoid being killed by a sniper by examining the angle of his hotel window. Much discussion on the net centres on Michaels natural "talent" to avoid hits, but few actually realise that this is what a US soldier would have naturally learned after years in combat.

    In Okinawa and france, Michael would have had to deal with snipers on a daily basis. As such, he has developed an instinct on sniffing out dangerous or compromising situations. If you read the memoirs of US special forces, you would know that even out of a battlefield, soldiers never let their guard down, it has become part of their instinct. Thats why other criminal organisations had such difficulties with trying to kill Michael.

    Evidence 3: logistics: According to military experts, war is basically about logistics, logistics, logistics. And running a crime family is practically war. Michael, unlike other dons before him, was trained both theoretically and practically in the art of logistics. Operating a logistics chain in your crime war as a street fighter is one thing, running a logistics chain in a resource poor, mind numbing, blood soaked fiery battle field hell is another thing altogether. Michael was successful in this as proven by his medals, and by bringing his logistics skills into the crime world, he became matchless.

    After all, we are told that the Corleone family is actually the smallest of the 6 families. That he was so successful is because he turned the Corleone family into practically a war machine. He was operating his family as a company of the US army in peacetime.

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    Happy Actually Did Beat The Mini Golf Clown In 'Happy Gilmore'

    From Redditor u/redditboy123451:

    tldr: Happy actually did beat the clown obstacle at the mini golf course, the obstacle would have spat the ball out no matter what.

    The clown I am talking about is the one in the "you're gonna die clown" scene. In this scene, Happy is trying to knock a ball into the clown's mouth but t keeps getting blocked by its teeth. However when he finally does get it in it just gets spit out again causing Happy to get mad. What I think happened was the spit was a signal Happy actually made the hole but due to his attitude, he thought he lost.

    The first piece of evidence was, if the teeth was already an obstacle, there would be no point of trying to get it in if it would just get spit out again.

    Also, There are several mini golf courses that I have been to where there was a hole with several different shots that ended in the same area at the end. For example: I once saw one where it was built like a Skeet-ball game and no matter which hole you got it into(or if you missed the hole and it went underneath), it would always come out of a little hole where you started. Maybe the clown was built similar to that.

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    Forrest Tells A Story That Relates To Each Person He Talks To In 'Forrest Gump'

    From Redditor u/HeroOfOA:

    At the beginning of the movie, Forrest talks to a black waitress about his upbringing and how he was named after the KKK founder who had made mistakes, about his hard times and the issue of segregation during his formative years. He also is able to relate to her based on her hard day and her feet hurting and how his life has been about shoes.

    After her, an older woman continues to listen, who would be just a little older than Jenny is now. They talk about Forrest in Jenny's college dorm room, and when he "saves" her from the strip club. He talks to her about love and his feelings for a woman from his childhood.

    Next, (we don't know when), an older man (right age for serving in Vietnam), listens to Forrest's story about war and combat, about losing his best friend, and coming back to become a millionaire. This old man would be someone who can understand Forrest's time during the war.

    Finally, he talks to a woman that would be his mom's age about his hard times when his mom dies and coming back to be with her, before the woman, who is in tears at this point, listens to the rest of his story about reflecting on his life and the decisions he had made.

    Whether intentional or not, Forrest Gump relates to his audience and tells them a story they'll really understand.

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    'Tommy Boy' Was A Test Of Character To See If Tommy Would Ever Be Able To Run The Company

    Frrom Redditor u/ILoveMaiV:

    Big Tom had plans for his company, Callahan Auto, to branch out and become a franchise, but these plans had a wrench thrown in them when he suddenly passed away before going on the sales trip to market his new brand, with the entire factory in danger of going bankrupt, Tom's son, Tommy volunteered to be the one to make the trip in his dad's shoes. But this whole thing was a secret test of Character for Tommy to grow up and mature into the leadership role.

    My theory is that once Big Tom died, the board wanted Tommy to take over and had him do the sales trip to mature him. My proof is that in the big meeting before the trip, not one person volunteers to go on the trip for the brand. All they talk about is selling the company. Tommy is the only one to volunteer, why? Because they wanted Tommy to do it, as a secret test of character. They made it seem like selling the company was the only option to convince Tommy to do it. There's almost no resistance towards Tommy doing it either.

    Surely one of the more experienced executives would've been a better suit to go sell their brand as they've probably negotiated with the other auto dealers before and have rapport with them. They didn't want to do it though, they wanted Tommy to do it so it could remain a Callahan family business. Why else would they send an underachiever with no auto industry experience? They had him do the trip to mature him.

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    Vince Shoots And Kills Marvin On Purpose In 'Pulp Fiction'

    From Redditor u/Tecla_SAP:

    TL: DR - Vincent kills Marvin on purpose because he tought him a traitor for not warning him that there was a guy hidden on the bathroom with a gun. He tells Jules it was an accident because he could not fully prove Marvin's intentions

    In one of the most memorable moments of the movie, Jules and Vincent are having an argument about the "miracle" that happened back in the appartment in the car, with Jules talking about leaving the mafia and all of that...

    Then Vincent asks Marvin for his opinion. Marvin says he doesn't have an opinion. Then Vincent turns around, finger on the trigger, and shoots Marvin on the face, which he immediatly says was not his intention. The next scenes do not dive into the question if the shot was accidental or not, but I believe it was 100% done with intent by Vincent. First, let's look at the evidences:

    Back in the appartment, after the guy that storms out from the bathroom shooting misses all the bullets and is killed by our beloved duo, Vincent and Jules took different actions. Jules is paralyzed, astonished for some time, while Vincent immediatly goes for Marvin in the corner and asks him why he did not warn them there was a man hidden with a gun. At this moment, Vincent probably deduces that Marvin is a traitor and not reliable, and tried to set up his and Jules demise. But since the guy in the bathroom was too nervous and messed things up by coming to their rescue too late, the plan was screwed. Before Marvin can produce an answer, Jules starts to talk about the miracles and stuff and gets Vincent attention from Marvin, so Marvin never gives Vincent an answer. As the three leaves the appartment, Vincent is still thinking about Marvin's true intentions, and now have a firm opinion that he is not to be trusted, but can't tell that to Jules, who is too focused on his miracle's argument about the previous incident.

    While in the car, Vincent keeps his gun on his hand, despite him and Jules usually leaving their guns on the trunk of the car. The miracle's arguments goes on, but then Vincent decides that Marvin is some sort a traitor with a personal agent. So he has to go, but he is also annoyed with Jules decision of leaving the mafia and decides to do all by himself, with improvisation. When he turns to Marvin to say "Well, you got have an opinion..." he is holding the gun pointing directly at Marvin, finger on the trigger, just waiting for some opportunity to justify it as an accident, since he doesn't have much evidence that Marvin was indeed a traitor.

    Finally, I think the biggest evidence is his reaction. He says "Ow man, I shot Marvin in the face" like he has just noticed he forgot his keys back in home or dropped a pencil on the floor. Compare that to Jules who is all "MOTHERF*CKER, THE F*CK DID YOU THAT FOR". Vincent is too nonchalant. Of course, being a gangster used to kill people for a living, he wouldn't consider anymore killing a human being a shocking thing, but he is still too calm after killing someone apparently on his side.

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