24 Hilarious Pranks Involving Dads

Dads are great, and just as importantly, they are fantastic sources of hilarity. Sometimes they're pulling off pranks themselves, but (as is often the case when bored children are involved) it's usually the kids pulling pranks on their loving fathers. This list has compiled a lot of these pranks with dads. 

We've dug deep into the heart of YouTube and found a great list of hilarious pranks involving dads. Whether it's a simple salt shaker prank (with a twist), or an elaborate attempt at getting a father to believe the nuclear apocalypse is upon us, we've got a heck of a lot of dads thinking the world just went crazy on them. There's even a TV prank, tricking one's dad into thinking they broke the screen with a Wii remote!  

No matter if you want jump scares and shrieks of terror, or dads getting some good old fashioned revenge, this list has got it all for you! Take a look through our list of crazy dad pranks and pick out your favorites! But unless you really know your parents, you should really probably avoid the pregnancy prank. It's gonna be really tough to come back from that one.