24 Dads Who Saved the Day with Their Reflexes

Though fatherhood is its own reward for sure, any dad will tell you it also comes with a few extra perks and superpowers unknown by the likes of other men. Among the many larger than life skills that the average dad develops are what have come to be known as dad reflexes. What is that, you ask? Rather than attempt to explain, go ahead and just take a look at these awesome dad gifs featuring fearless fathers whose heroics were caught on film as they swooped in to save the day.

Here you’ll find everyone from children to grown men who were saved from certain disaster by the father reflexes of a nearby dad. Whether it be a baby whose face was inches away from a nasty meeting with a piece of concrete or a baseball bat that a pro player accidentally flung into a crowd of innocent fans, you’ll see dads from all walks of life step in to save the world from the latest impending disaster.

So the next time you’re looking for a way to make your favorite dad feel like a star, bring him here to feast his eyes on some incredible dad reflex gifs that prove that fathers are superheroes of a breed all their own.