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Daddy's Home Movie Quotes

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Daddy's Home movie quotes bring the laughs as a straight-laced stepfather goes head to head with the wild and studly biological father of the children. The comedy film was written by Brian Burns, Sean Anders and John Morris. Anders also directs Daddy's Home, which opened in theaters on December 25, 2015.

In Daddy's Home, Brad (Will Ferrell) loves being a stepfather to his wife Sarah's (Linda Cardellini) two young children, Megan (Scarlett Estevez) and Dylan (Owen Vaccaro). The kids, however, are not as excited. So when their estranged biological father, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) arrives to stay with the family, a battle between the dads erupts.

Between trying to wow the kids with bedtime rituals and gifts to tests of skill, including some that end with motorcycle accidents and injured Los Angeles Lakers cheerleaders, Brad and Dusty battle for the affection of the children, all in typical comedic form.

Daddy's Home hit theaters which were already roaring with other great films such as Joy, The Hateful Eight, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Sisters.
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    One Down, Four Up

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    Dusty: Take her out. See what she could do. Remember, one down, four up.
    Brad: Everyone knows it's one down, four up. Ahhh! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!
    Sarah: Oh my god!
    Dusty: Let's all just be grateful nobody got hurt, okay?
    Brad: I got hurt!
    Dusty: Right, just stay still. I'll get you.
    Brad: No, please just go and get a shirt on.

    In an attempt to show everyone just how tough he is, Brad tries to ride Dusty's motorcycle. Considering it ends with Brad stuck in a wall, let's just say this is a fail.
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    Nothing But Net

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    DJ The Whip: One lucky fan is going to get a chance to shoot from half court to win a family vacation to Disneyworld! And our lucky fan is sitting in section 113, row six, seat one. Where is he? Let's see it!
    Brad: This one's for Dylan and Megan and Sarah and Dylan and nothing but net.

    After being selected to try a half-court shot to win a family vacation, a clearly intoxicated Brad is eager for the chance. When he throws the basketball right at the face of a cheerleader, however, things get ugly.
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    It's a Pony, Dusty

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    Megan: A pony! A pony! A pony! A pony!
    Brad: I know! It's a pony, Dusty!
    Dusty: Not bad!

    Brad pulls out all the stops when he dresses up as Santa Claus and buys the kids a pony. Even Dusty can realize that getting the kids a pony just won this battle.
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    They Know Who's Been Around

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    Brad: So today's the day I'm finally meeting the father of my step kids. Am I nervous? Pepe, you know. I mean kids, at the end of the day, they know who's been around and... holy!
    Pepe: [in Spanish] There is no doubt this man is your better in every way.
    Brad: Well, you're kind to say that. Thank you!

    Per Dusty's request, Brad waits at the airport alongside limp driver Pepe. Brad things the kids will not be taken by their father, Dusty, but Pepe is smitten without even meeting the guy.
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