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Ashley Reign
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While power tools, neckties, and fancy pens are always make awesome gifts  - on Father's Day and year-round - the best gift of all is seeing dads learning they are going to be grandpas. This collection of videos of dads reacting to the most incredible gift their kids could ever hope to give will melt your cold, cold heart.

So bust out the Kleenex because you’re about to see some of the most adorable reactions ever caught on film. These dads, many of them first-time grandfathers, do everything from burst into tears of joy to break into victory dances that put NFL touchdown celebrations to shame. We’ve got new grandpas-to-be reacting to the news of everything from their first grandchild, to twins, to triplets!

You’ll also get great ideas on how to break the news to your own mom and pop if you ever plan on having kids of your own! You’ll see everything from gifts that contain hidden clues about the new baby, to kids who pose their parents for a photo right before breaking the news. So scroll down and get ready to laugh, smile, and quite possibly even shed a tear or two as these adorable dads learn that there’s a gift on the way that will keep on giving for decades.

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The Tell-Tale Pacificer

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When this grandpa-to-be first opens his present, revealing a pacifier, at first he thinks it's just a gag gift. When he reads the accompanying note however, his reaction is the sweetest thing ever caught on film.
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The Best Belated Birthday Surprise Ever

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Watch what happens when this mom-to-be tells her own parents they've got a present that won't be delivered for nine months!
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The Double Dad Surprise

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When this adorable couple finds out they are going to be grandfathers, their overjoyed reactions couldn't be cuter!
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The Pink or Blue Paint Project Surprise

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This dad was told he was getting a paintbrush so he could help his son and his wife paint their new house. When he realizes its specifically to paint a nursery because his daughter-in-law is pregnant, his reaction is priceless.