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The Most Plausible & Interesting Daenerys Targaryen Theories

Updated November 5, 2019 24.9k views18 items
Be warned! SPOILERS are being unshackled everywhere and some are lurking in the shadows of this list. Come and see! The roof, the roof, the roof (and the entire temple), is literally, on FIRE! 
As season six rolls on, Daenerys Targaryen fan theories are spreading faster than Jorah’s greyscale and Dothraki guys underestimating her! There are the usual suspects in any Khaleesi Game of Thrones post, such as speculation that she’s actually Azor Ahai or that she’s the time-traveling Quaithe, and will she be reunited with her beloved Drogo? Hey, it may just be a flashback, but this is one of those Game of Thrones fan theories we hope is true. Khal and Dany, forever. But turns, she doesn't need to name drop anymore.  
Our Khaleesi set those khals on fire in their own stronghold and walked out of the flames like a boss. THE BOSS. With a legion of Dothraki putting their foreheads on the ground along with our two favorite fanboys, we know Dany is probably thinking,  "How you like me now?!" 
The biggest Daenerys Targaryen brother theories surround the idea that Tyrion is a Targaryen and perhaps even her half-brother. The way he walked up to Rhaegal and Viserion, Dany’s dragons, and even touched them made the Internet crack and spit with electricity. Does he have the ability to communicate with the dragons? Will they let him ride them?! Because we need to see Tyrion on the back of a dragon! But until then, we saw a bonfire, to end all bonfires, among the Dothraki. And it was good. 
But what about the theory about Daenerys Targaryen marrying Jon Snow? Seems to be an equal amount of love and hate for that one. But there’s a lot of support for Jon being Dany’s nephew or possibly her brother. Are Tyrion, Dany, and Jon the Three-Headed Dragon foretold in the House of the Undying? Will we have to wait until the final season to see that go down? The suspense is killing more than a few fans right about now, but we are warmed by the fires of the latest episode. Khaleesi burning down the house. 
But it all begs the question... how long did it take to put out that fire at the dosh khaleen council? Who cares! Hey, Khaleesi, who may or may not be the Princess That Was Promised, you are actually fireproof and did all of that without your dragons. Maybe next time listen up, small men,  when a woman introduces herself as "The Unburnt." Seriously, LISTEN. 
Let’s look at some of the top Daenerys Targaryen fan theories and determine if they are worthy of the Khaleesi. After that whole thing, she totally is. 
  • Daenerys... Unburnt, Unbroken

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    Redditors made a really cool prediction that the widows at Dosh Khaleen would turn out to be the crones from Dany’s vision. But the big surprise was that she would get the Dothraki to bow down WITHOUT her dragons. After all, she is Daenerys Stormborn the Unburnt. Emphasis on "unburnt." No Dothraki dude would dare ignore Dany now... unless they want to become a Vaes Dothrak s’more pretty quick. 
  • Dany Will Hook Up with Euron Greyjoy but Not in the Way He Thinks

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    Margaery is not the only one who can play the deception game. Euron says he needs a thousand ships. Daenerys needs a thousand ships, “maybe more.” Euron may have ships to offer but the gift of his “large c*ck” will probably get a fiery “No thank you” from Dany and a bloody response from Daario. She’ll get her ships. But she may be riding across the Narrow Sea with Euron’s roasted head on the mast of her lead ship. But she’ll make him think she’s all about him right up until the moment he meets the Drowned God for real.
  • She Is Not Immune to Fire... Or Is She?

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    Daenerys has a high tolerance for heat like most Targaryens but according to George R.R. Martin, she is not fireproof. amthewalru5 found this exchange between Martin and fans in an online 1999 Q&A: 

    Granny: Do Targaryens become immune to fire once they "bond" to their dragons?

    George_RR_Martin: Granny, thanks for asking that. It gives me a chance to clear up a common misconception. TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE! The birth of Dany's dragons was unique, magical, wonderous, a miracle. She is called The Unburnt because she walked into the flames and lived. But her brother sure as hell wasn't immune to that molten gold.

    Revanshe: So she won't be able to do it again? 

    George_RR_Martin: Probably not. 

    Uh. But she did, though. Lightbringer? Anyone? Anyone? Azor Ahai. Twice. TWICE!




  • The Return of Jorah Could Be Bittersweet

    Photo: HBO

    Here’s a theory. So hang onto your tinscale. After he’s cured, Jorah returns to find a fully Mad Queen and has to deal with her. Maybe even mercy kill her because so few will be able to get near her. Nooooo!   

    Or he’ll just kill whomever is the biggest threat and rule with her, even if she is crazy with power. He could be her Hand, and hopefully not in that friendzone area anymore.