What It's Like

Here's What Daily Life Is Really Like For Citizens Of North Korea

As the world's attention is increasingly drawn towards Kim Jong-un, his nation, and his people, many are curious about what it's like to live in North Korea. From the sound of it, daily life in North Korea can be monotonous, dreary, and tightly regulated. On the bad days, it's downright dangerous, brutal, and deadly.

Given the tight hold Kim Jong-un has over the country, it can be difficult to verify the rumors about what it's really like in North Korea. We must rely on the accounts of defectors, those brave souls courageous and fortunate enough to have escaped the nation-state. They all tell practically the same account, offering an insider's view of life inside one of the most mysterious and ruthless dictatorships in modern history.

Read on for some stories from North Korean defectors, and a glimpse into the daily lives of the North Korean people.