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What Daily Life Is Like For A Jedi

Although the life of a Jedi might seem terribly exciting, the truth is their day-to-day is not as glamorous as you'd think. After all, they don’t spend all of their time battling Sith Lords or fighting in wars to defend the Republic. Jedi jobs are often far more mundane. As a pseudo-religious group, the Jedi schedule is generally filled with activities such as learning, meditating, and exercising, rather than taking part in dangerous missions.

So if you've ever wondered how Jedi spend their time outside of the high-adrenaline action of the movies, look no further. Most fans' knowledge of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t begin to cover the intricacies and complexity of the jobs Jedi have to do as part of the Order. Padawans, Knights, and Masters all follow a strictly regimented routine that governs their everyday life. Daily life for Jedi is both austere and deeply tied to ritual. Let's dive in and finally answer the question: What do Jedi do all day?