Weird History

An Average Day In The Life Of A 14th-Century Plague Victim

The Black Death changed the world. As the most profound epidemic in human history, the plague claimed the lives of millions, with nearly half of Europe's population perishing from the disease. Some feared they were living through the apocalypse amidst the chaotic upheaval, while others turned to sinful pleasure during the plague to distract from the horror. And as for what happened to victims of the plague, well, it wasn't opportune.

Surviving the Black Death wasn't easy. How did someone protect themselves from it and who did they blame when they got sick? What happened to their body as the infection spread? How did they get their wine amid a horrifying disease? The only certainty was demise; after all, bubonic plague in the Middle Ages didn't spare anyone: monks and nuns perished alongside mothers and their children, rich men, and even royalty. 

Here's how plague victims lived day to day.