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Who Should Replace Jon Stewart as Host of The Daily Show?

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New choices for potential Jon Stewart replacement must actually be available to host The Daily Show
Editor's Note: Voting has been closed.

UPDATE: On March 30, 2015, Comedy Central announced that Trevor Noah, The Daily Show correspondent since December 2014 will take over for Stewart.

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show after 16 years of hosting a television program that changed the landscape of how we view news. Something that started out as a fake news/joke program, under Stewart's reign, turned into the most reliable place to find news during any political event. He saw us through four presidential elections and countless changes in liberal ideology, as well as the struggles in between. Jon Stewart truly gave his all in his reporting, his comedy and never pulled punches when something needed to be dissected or taken down a peg. 

So now that he's moving on with his career, who do we turn to? Well, much like Stewart was when he first started, I think we should look to the alternative comedy community for who the next Jon Stewart is going to be. Vote up who you think would be the best, or add your own entries at the bottom of the list. I've included both Daily Show correspondents that I think could handle the load and people in the comedy community that would knock it out of the park, as well as some underrated newcomers that I think could easily help out the show. 

Not all current correspondents should be thought of first because then we'd lose them as correspondents. I think the new host of The Daily Show should have the cushion of a well-established, well-loved correspondent base that Jon Stewart had when he took over the show from Craig Kilborn. 

What do you think of this list? Who can do the job of replacing Jon Stewart the best? Nobody will ever be him, but a new, fresh direction might be exactly what The Daily Show needs.