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Is This YouTube Channel Featuring Daisy Brown And Her Pet Monster An Encrypted Warning To Humanity?  

Jacob Shelton
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Beginning in July 2017, strange videos on YouTube began to appear under the name "Daisy Brown." The creepy videos with hidden messages feature a teenage girl named Daisy caring for her little pet brother of sorts - Alan, a gooey monster with super sharp teeth who seems to hate his sister. Viewers never see Daisy's face - only appendages intermittently decorated with bruises or bandages, presumably caused by Alan. Even though Alan looks like a puppet, after a few videos you'll begin to wonder if Daisy Brown's pet monster is real, and then you'll quickly go down the rabbit hole of Daisy Brown YouTube conspiracy theories.

These disturbing YouTube videos have a surreal, dreamlike quality to them, and they have quickly garnered a large following. At this point, most fans speculate this is an Alternate Reality Game and are trying to solve the puzzles and clues left in Daisy's messages. The cryptic channel sometimes features seemingly innocuous makeup and cooking videos full of hidden messages and symbols. As Alan grows from baby to adult, things only get stranger. On August 31, 2018, the channel posted a video titled "Final Video," which seemed to end the series. However, some fans hope Daisy will eventually start uploading content again. 

So who is Daisy Brown? Is she trying to warn the world about the monster in her house that's growing by the day? Or is she just a teen trying to connect with the world? This YouTuber vlogger definitely has fans talking, so read below for all the theories and insight into the bizarre series. 

Daisy Brown Is Likely An Alternate Reality Game
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There's a growing belief among fans that the Daisy Brown YouTube page is actually an Alternate Reality Game. The videos - which first aired July 18, 2017 - can be watched as standalone, short-form content, but fans suggest watching them all for a deeper experience. A series of clues present themselves in the video, silently pleading for viewer interaction. A few particular details jump out to specifically support this theory: the constant misspellings in Daisy's posts, the parenthetical closed captioning, and the use of real-world media that appears in the form of books.

From the very beginning, hidden clues are dotted throughout the videos. In the July 30, 2017 video, "Lets chat about Dad! Science! Alan! and the basement!" you can clearly see a copy of a book by magical realist author T.C. Boyle. In "Suitcase search!" Daisy holds up a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, another author who dabbles in magical realism. It's likely Daisy is giving the audience clues as to what mindset she is in while creating the videos. 

No One Knows Where Daisy's Father Is
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According to Daisy's Twitter, she was 19-years-old when she started her "Daisy Brown" social media series. The tweet on July 5, 2017, segued into the debut of Daisy's posts about Alan. Overall, Daisy is very cryptic when it comes to the whereabouts of her father - she maintains he is a "really smart" scientist specializing in "genetics and DNA" who created Alan in a lab that's she's never seen. She often becomes emotional when talking about her father and evades any comments as to what happened to him. 

At one point, Daisy mentions her dad told her to never go to the basement because there's black mold; the nature of the videos suggest there isn't just black mold down there. The one place that Daisy does venture, the attic, is filled with clothing and makeup, which possibly suggests Daisy's father had another family before he created Alan (and possibly Daisy) in his lab. 

In the above video from early 2018 titled "friendship bracelet," a series of messages appear that seem to be attempting to tell Daisy something. Could they have been written by her father? Or are they just a way for Daisy to make herself feel better? Viewers speculate and debate the meaning behind the metaphors, symbols, and allusions in Daisy's videos.

Daisy Accumulates More Bruises As The Series Progresses
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Beginning with "Full Face Alan Makeup Look!" viewers began to notice Daisy was becoming more bruised and bandaged with each subsequent video. Alan has some pretty mean-looking teeth, and viewers speculated if Alan was responsible for Daisy's black and blues. However, theorists speculate something darker behind the noticeable marks.

Because the audience only gets a glimpse into Daisy's life with each video, an unidentified figure - possibly her absent father - may be responsible. In the video "My Garden! what should i use to fill the empty space?" (above), Daisy notes she and Alan usually don't go outside during the day - which indicates to some they're both being held captive

Alan Could Only Process Sugar At First
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In the first video in the series, Daisy informs the audience Alan can only process sugar. "How I feed Alan" begins with Daisy feeding him sugar tablets, but she quickly switches to giving him sugar water. Later in the series, Daisy tries out a few different methods of feeding him, only to almost choke her goopy monster brother with granulated sugar. 

Eventually, however, Alan begins to turn carnivorous, eating canned chicken and possibly Daisy's cat