Graveyard Shift Is This YouTube Channel Featuring Daisy Brown And Her Pet Monster An Encrypted Warning To Humanity?  

Jacob Shelton
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Beginning in June 2017, strange videos on YouTube began to appear under the name “Daisy Brown.” The creepy videos with hidden messages feature a teenage girl named Daisy caring for her little brother Alan, a gooey monster with super sharp teeth who seems to hate his sister. Even though Alan looks like a puppet, after a few videos you’ll begin to wonder if Daisy Brown's pet monster is real, and then you’ll quickly go down the rabbit hole of Daisy Brown YouTube conspiracy theories.

These disturbing YouTube videos have a surreal, dreamlike quality to them, and they have quickly garnered a large following.

So who is Daisy Brown? Is she trying to warn the world about the monster in her house that’s growing by the day? Or is she just a girl trying to connect with the world?

The Whole Thing Could Be A Surreal Art Project

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There's a ton of speculation about what "Daisy Brown" actually is. Is it an art project? A cry for help? A warning to the people of Earth about the existence of a super creepy monster? 

People online believe there's a puzzle hidden inside the project, and that's certainly possible. Throughout the videos there's a series of hidden messages, and a series of symbols blip across the screen in some of the videos.

In the video, "Let's chat about Dad! Science! Alan! and the basement!" (above video), you can clearly see a copy of a book by magical realist author T.C. Boyle. In "Suitcase search!" Daisy holds up a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, another author who dabbless in magical realism. It's likely Daisy is giving the audience clues as to what mindset she is in creating while creating the videos. 

Daisy Accumulates More Injuries As The Series Progresses

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Beginning with "Full Face Alan Makeup Look!" viewers began to notice Daisy was becoming more bruised and injured with each video. Is she being attacked by Alan? He does have some pretty mean-looking teeth, and he's been getting more aggressive as the series progresses.

There's also the possibility someone else is abusing Daisy. Because the audience only gets a glimpse into Daisy's life with each video, it's possible she's cut the abuser out of her online life altogether. In the video "My Garden! what should i use to fill the empty space?" (above video), Daisy notes she and Alan usually don't go outside during the day - this could indicate they're both being held captive. 

No One Knows Where Daisy's Father Is

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Daisy is very cryptic when it comes to the whereabouts of her father, a brilliant scientist who created Alan in a lab. She often becomes emotional when talking about her father and evades any comments as to what happened to him. 

At one point, Daisy mentions her dad told her to never go to the basement because there's black mold; the nature of the videos suggest there isn't just black mold down there. The one place that Daisy does venture, the attic, is filled with clothing and makeup, which possibly suggests Daisy's father had another family before he created Alan (and possibly Daisy) in his lab. 

In the above video from early 2018 titled "friendship bracelet," a series of messages appear that seem to be attempting to tell Daisy something. Could they have been written by her father? Or are they just a way for Daisy to make herself feel better?

Alan Is Slowly Growing And Becoming Aggressive

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Alan, the initial mystery of the web series, is a very gross looking little monster baby. He's blind and can't move all that much, but he loves his sugar water. The creature, which is obviously a puppet, is reminiscent of the baby from Eraserhead. He even makes horrifying noises and writhes about as if he's in pain. 

According to Daisy, Alan was made by her father in his lab, but she doesn't say why she has to take care of him. Through the series, Alan grows and changes to the point where he attacks Daisy on multiple occasions. In "friendship bracelet," he even traps Daisy in her room. The first signs of Alan's changes came in the video "Makeup Swatches with Alan The Monster!!!!" where the audience sees two large pus filled cysts on Alan's body.