Total Nerd Daisy Ridley's Behind The Scenes Jedi Training Is The Most Epic Thing You'll Watch All Day  

Mick Jacobs

As the infamous Star Wars kids videos proved to the world years ago, the Force does not come easily to everyone. But in the video below, it appears to come naturally to Daisy Ridley.

Ridley, who plays Rey in the most recent Star Wars installments, actually trains to become a Jedi as part of her acting. Although the Jedi fighting style technically doesn't exist, it still looks like a hell of a workout.

Using a variety of different weapons, Ridley trains against mannequins and other trainers to perfect her light saber techniques. Truly, if she released an exercise video of her training a la Jane Fonda, she could probably make a pretty penny off of this.

Because when you watch the video, you realize that Ridley puts herself through the ringer to be the very best Jedi there ever was. Yoda would be pleased.

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