Graveyard Shift

The Cursed Dakota Building In NYC Has A Long, Tragic, And Macabre History

The Dakota apartment building is one of the most architecturally significant places in New York City. It's also intriguing for a few darker reasons, most notably as the backdrop to John Lennon's murder. Some Dakota building stories indicate that this New York City landmark is haunted as well as cursed. Whether or not that's true, there are many fascinating things that have happened in relation to this building. 

If there is a Dakota building curse, it may have become most prominent with Lennon's death. Of course, any large and regal building that was constructed in the 1880s is likely to have been the scene of at least a few disturbing incidents. However, what makes the Dakota building history more fascinating than most is the close ties that it has to many notable people.

Aside from Lennon, countless well-known individuals such as Lauren Bacall, Boris Karloff, and Joe Namath have lived there. The Dakota was also a prominent filming location for one of the most cursed movies in history. Are the ghosts of the Dakota building responsible for the curse, and why do so many residents die young?