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In King Of The Hill, Dale Knew His Wife Was Cheating The Whole Time And It's Pretty Obvious

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Tons of King of the Hill fan theories exist throughout the Internet, from ones alleging Jeff Boomhauer is an undercover spy to others speculating Peggy suffered a serious brain injury, and an infamous theory that Hank isn't Bobby's father. But none quite hold a candle to Dale Gribble King of the Hill fan theories. When you think about it, the endlessly suspicious Dale makes for excellent speculation, his own neuroses only emphasizing the character as a victim of conspiracy. Dale Gribble knew Joseph wasn't his son, literally so in an episode after realizing he was out of town during his son's conception. Although, to be fair, he believes Nancy got impregnated by aliens.

But Dale knew about Nancy's affair too. With Dale monitoring all incoming calls, Nancy's talks with John Redcorn definitely failed to go unnoticed. Plus, he literally catches Redcorn sneaking into his bedroom with Nancy's help in the middle of the night. If Dale lives such a paranoid conspiracy theorist, why hasn't he figured out that his wife has been cheating on him for 14 years? According to fan theories on Dale Gribble in King of the Hill, he has figured it out, and the proof lies in his story.

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    He's Afraid Of Ending Up Like Bill

    Dale watches Bill go through his divorce, and sees how it affects Bill's entire life. Bill loses his job, his health, and his self-respect. When Bill was with Lenore, he lived just like Dale, happily together with someone and still able to hang with the boys. But now, Bill is overweight, balding, and emotionally crippled. Why would Dale ever want to risk that happening to himself? 

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    Dale Is Killing Redcorn With Kindness

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    Dale finds himself between a rock and a hard place here. Since he can't reveal his wife's affair without jeopardizing his relationships with all of loved ones, Dale decides instead to kill John Redcorn with kindness. Dale is fully aware Redcorn wants to be a part of Joseph's life, but Redcorn can only go so far with his affections. As a result, Dale constantly taunts Redcorn by bonding with Joseph and subtly rubbing it in Redcorn's face.

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    Dale Ignores The Affair Instead Of Going Into A Homicidal Rage

    Reddit user wwantstoknow thinks that Dale's motivation for ignoring the affair is to keep his sanity:

    "Dale obviously knows what's going on with his wife. He is extremely paranoid, monitors all incoming and outgoing calls from his home, has surveillance cameras all over Rainey St., and has mentioned he had a tracking chip put into Nancy.

    He ignores her indiscretion because without her in his life his fragile grip on sanity may dissolve completely, possibly into a homicidal rage. He has proven in the past that he can and will kidnap, steal from, abandon, and betray anyone even those close to him. His only thing keeping his killing to insects and vermin is his wife."

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    Dale Is Super Paranoid, But He's Not Suspicious Of His Wife and John Redcorn?

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    Despite being a textbook conspiracy theorist who believes the government and aliens keep tabs on him, Dale vocalizes no suspicions about Nancy's affair with John Redcorn. Why wouldn't he ever question why Joseph looks just like John Redcorn? Because he doesn't want to lose his family.

    Early in the series, a recurring gag turns up where anytime Dale makes comment about being Joseph's father, John Redcorn appears, an awfully over coincidence for a conspiracy theorist to look past...

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