The Rare Copy of Alice In Wonderland Illustrated By Salvador Dali Is Haunting And Beautiful

Salvador Dalí and Alice In Wonderland go together like Beethoven and the sublime. So what could be better than a Dalí illustrated Alice in Wonderland? Only an IRL trip down the rabbit hole itself could possibly compare. The original Dalí/Lewis Carroll collaboration was published by NYC's Maecenas Press (a division of Random House) in 1969, and it subsequently went out of print and became a rare and sought-after collector's item. However, thanks to the delightful Evertype publishing, and the digitizing skills of New York's William Bennett Gallery, Dalí's Alice in Wonderland illustrations are once again available for your viewing pleasure. Read on to explore an annotated gallery of seldom-seen, fabulously psychedelic Salvador Dalí illustrations that might just blow your mind. And to buy your very own copy of this magnificent piece of art, simply click here.