Unspeakable Times

Ridiculous Things About Dalia Dippolito, Who Hired An Undercover Cop To Kill Her Husband

True crime stories and courtroom dramas are fascinating for many, but how about a true crime story filled with hilarity, impossible claims, and ridiculous scenarios? If interested, step right this way to the Dalia Dippolito circus! In 2009, a young Florida prostitute named Dalia Dippolito married one of her clients. Six months into the marriage, she found herself dissatisfied and started to look for a way to exit the marriage while filling her pockets with her husband's money. This was the beginning of the Dalia Dippolito murder-for-hire plot, where she really believed she could get away with murdering her spouse like the famous black widow killers.

Word reached the local police (via one of Dalia's former lovers) that she was interested in hiring someone to kill her husband, Mike Dippolito. The police then arranged for an undercover cop to pose as a hit man, who met with and recorded Dalia's enthusiasm for having her husband killed. The Boynton police then staged a murder scene at the couple's townhome, when no one was at home. When Dalia returned, the police broke the "news" that her husband had been murdered. What followed was an eight-year circus of the Dalia Dippolito murder trial: three trials, one mistrial, two convictions, and even more absurd excuses and stories spun by the defendant. To find out more about the amusing and idiotic tale of Dippolito, read on below.