What Vehicles Damaged In Our Favorite 1990s Movies Actually Cost



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The 1990s was a cinematic decade filled with some of the best vehicular action sequences committed to film. Knowing the majority of those scenes were done with practical effects just added to the sense of spectacle. But have you ever wondered what it must have been like for all the bystander characters after the dust settled from a pulse-pounding car chase? Can you imagine what they went through to explain to their insurance companies the outlandish sequence of events that led to their vehicles getting wrecked? 

From the Corvette Stringray that takes a plunge from the sky to the Lamborghini that gets a little too close to a hovercraft, this collection looks at some noteworthy vehicles from '90s movies, what the insurance claims might look like, and what they’d actually cost to fix.

  • Get down!

    Vehicle: Freightliner FLA 9664

    Year: 1984

    Color: Black

    Location of incident: Los Angeles, CA

    Summary of incident:  Driver claims truck was forcibly requisitioned by unidentified LAPD officer in pursuit of juvenile suspect. Charred truck remains were discovered a few miles away, along with crushed remnants of a Honda XR-100 (no valid registration). Due to improbable foot speed of the “officer” and lack of corroborating evidence from police department, payout on loss of vehicle is still pending further investigation.

    Assessed value: $65,000

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  • It’s like looking in a mirror… only not.

    Vehicle: Scarab SCS

    Year: 1997

    Color: Red

    Location of incident: San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

    Summary of incident: Boat forcibly highjacked by wanted fugitive Castor Troy (wearing the face of FBI agent Sean Archer) to facilitate escape from FBI agent Sean Archer (wearing the face of Castor Troy) who commandeered another 1997 Scarab SCS (white). Police patrol boat and white boat destroyed in pursuit. Blown up upon collision with pier, unsalvageable condition. 

    Assessed value: $40,000

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  • Are you aiming for these people?

    Vehicle: Chevrolet Caprice

    Year: 1987

    Color: Yellow

    Location: Manhattan, New York, NY

    Summary of incident: Cab requisitioned by NYPD Detective John McClane during investigation into terrorist bombing threat. Sideswiped by two trucks, damage to suspension and front bumper during detour through Central Park, and collision with barrier and bikes. Abandoned and towed, NYPD claim qualified immunity, so driver responsible for out-of-pocket costs. 

    Assessed value: $11,000; repair and towing costs: $3,500.

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  • You are not the car you drive.

    Vehicle: Lincoln Continental Mark IV

    Year: 1980 

    Color: Brown

    Location: Wilmington, DE

    Summary of incident: Rear-ended and taken off-road by a Lincoln Town Car (1993 model) stolen from long-term airport parking. Assailant was an unnamed driver who fled the scene; witnesses reported driver was talking to himself about having a “near-life experience.”  

    Assessed value: $9,000

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  • Hey man, you just f*cked up your Ferrari!

    Vehicle: Ferrari F355 Spider 

    Year: 1996 

    Color: Yellow

    Location of incident: San Francisco, CA

    Summary of incident: Vehicle commandeered by special agent Stanley Goodspeed to conduct high-speed pursuit of escaped fugitive John Mason through streets of San Francisco. Windshield cracked by collision with parking meters (5), bullet hole in dashboard from Goodspeed to facilitate timely exit from vehicle. Car crushed by derailed cable car and totaled.

    Assessed value: $125,000

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  • Looks like somebody capped the driver.

    Vehicle: Lincoln Town Car Limousine

    Year: 1985

    Color: Brown

    Location of incident: Seven Mile Bridge, FL

    Summary of incident: During a classified military operation by unnamed intelligence agency whose purpose is classified, several sections of Seven Mile Bridge in Florida were destroyed. Vehicle drove into a section of bridge no longer intact due to driver being incapacitated. No claim filed. 

    Assessed value: $21,000

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