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15 Damsel in Distress Anime Characters Who Constantly Need To Be Saved

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If it's the second, third, or fourth time that an anime character has been kidnapped or assaulted and needs another characters assistance to get out of their perilous situation, they might be a damsel in distress.

Damsel in distress anime characters aren't all damsels - actually, the trope is gender inclusive. Whether it's Mokuba Kaiba being repeatedly held for ransom in Yu-Gi-Oh! or Casca being brutalized over and over again in Berserk, these characters suffer dramatically, and they often lack the power to solve their own problems. This doesn't necessarily mean that they're weak. Bulma from DBZ is a whip-smart lady who can wield a weapon with precision, but she's not a Super Saiyan. Eren Jaeger of Attack on Titan can kick butt with no problem - he's just really bad at staying out of trouble.  Luckily, these characters are usually rescued by the heroes they travel with, even if they can't manage on their own. 

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    When you're a teenage girl leading a totally ordinary life who is suddenly thrust into a complicated world of demon warfare, you're going to have trouble protecting yourself, and will need people with actual magical abilities in your corner. Kagome is repeatedly kidnapped or attacked, and while she's frequently smart enough to figure out a way out of it, her actual physical and magical prowess means that she needs help from people like Inuyasha to stay alive. 

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  • Ciel Phantomhive is a bright and resourceful kid with the power of a demon butler on his side - but he's also a vulnerable, asthmatic 13-year-old whose connection with said demon exposes him to a whole lot of danger. Add the fact that he's from a wealthy family and you have one of the most easy-to-kidnap characters in the entire anime world. Multiple plots revolve around Ciel needing to be resuced from some traumatic situation or another. 

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  • Mokuba Kaiba is just about the only person his wealthy older brother Seto cares about, which means that he's worth a lot of money - either that or he's worth a lot in duel collateral. This means that he's constantly being kidnapped in order to manipulate Seto's behavior. Pegasus' goons are among the first to hold the child hostage, but they're far from the last. 

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    It's no wonder that Fuu chose to hire two bodyguards to accompany her on her journey to find the samurai who smells like sunflowers - the girl practically gets kidnapped as often as she breathes! It happens so often that an issue of Anime Insider listed Fuu's pet peeve as "getting kidnapped." 

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