READ Dan Harmon's Twitter Trolling Mega-Blast  

Tucker DeSaulnier
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What's the point of Twitter? How are public figures supposed to interact with the countless faceless fans, detractors, and randos who @ mention them with criticism, mockery, and general inanity? What does a Twitter meltdown really look like? Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and co-creator of  Rick and Morty, answered none of these questions when he went on a whirlwind tweet-spree during a flight.

The writer, producer, and podcaster responded to a stranger's bit of criticism with a double-barreled blast of dismissal, vitriol, philosophy, and straight-up rage. It looked like a classic meltdown until the inebriated airborne tweeter commenced #Harmonblock2015, kicking seemingly anyone who commented - even helpfully - to the digital curb in spectacularly public fashion.

Maybe Harmon was melting down. Maybe he was just drunk. And maybe he's a troll the likes of which the world has only rarely known, grasping at what he saw as a teachable moment and sacrificing some poor schmuck's Twitter handle to make his point. Whatever he was thinking, Harmon certainly brought his skills as a writer to bear in demolishing anyone who dared speak up, and provided plenty of entertainment in the process. Read on and decide for yourself just what the hell he was doing by verbally pummeling somebody on Twitter.

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