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Why Did It Take 20 Years For Dana Carvey To Forgive Mike Myers?

Updated 7 Aug 2019 79.2k views13 items

Dana Carvey and Mike Myers, the stars behind Wayne’s World, were introduced to the Saturday Night Live audience in the late 1980s. After their "Wayne’s World" sketch became wildly popular, a film was greenlit and the relationship between the comedy duo was never the same. 

There’s no single inciting incident behind the Dana Carvey Mike Myers feud, but rather a series of passive-aggressive jabs and one very specific Lorne Michaels impression. After the failure of Wayne’s World 2, the two went their separate ways and their careers took very different paths. Then they stopped speaking and it looked to be the end of their friendship. After two decades, Carvey says he's forgiven his old comedy partner, though the men haven’t actually spoken about their problems face-to-face. These are the incidents that led to their falling out.

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