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20 Seemingly Harmless Animals That Can Probably Ruin Your Life If You Try To Pet Them

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Just because an animal is adorable that doesn't mean you should try to pet it. In fact, when it comes to a many of the animals on this list, you should probably run the other way. 

Over on Reddit, folks are discussing the cute lil' critters that should avoided at all costs. From fuzzy caterpillars that pack a punch to koalas with STDs, here are a few seemingly harmless animals that should be avoided at all costs. 

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    Caterpillars Can Pack Quite A Punch

    From Redditor u/CapnSeabass:


    I’m from Scotland, where pretty much nothing in nature can kill you. Visited New Orleans, a buckmoth caterpillar fell out of an oak tree and landed on my arm.

    Holy sh*t, I felt like my arm was literally on fire. It swelled up, went really hard to the touch, and was BURNING. My friend’s mum had to use tape to get all the barbs out of my skin.

    Ever since then, my skin has been horrendously sensitive. I now have medication for rosacea, because my stupid immune system is terrified of flipping caterpillars and will freak out at almost anything.

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    Never Pet A Seal No Matter How Cute It Looks

    From Redditor u/Lovebot_AI:


    Cute, cuddly, and slow on land, but they have mouths full of bacteria that will give you a nasty infection if their teeth scratch you. Stay away from seals...

    From Redditor u/BearEater:

    I doubt anyone thinks they aren't somewhat dangerous, but some seals are psychopaths. Other than humans and orcas, they're one of the only animals on the planet that seems to occasionally kill for fun

    They've been found to continue killing penguins even when they're no longer hungry and they've even been photographed tearing ocean sunfish apart and then not eating any of the meat.

    From Redditor u/MotherPrize7194:


    It’s a f**king wolf in a wetsuit, leave it alone.

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    Boars Are Lean And Mean

    From Redditor u/_4ndr3AX:


    They can run faster than dogs, can do much more damage, and their response to a fatal injury isn't "Oh sh*t, I gotta run away," but "I'll drag you to hell with me."

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    A Teeny Tiny Octopus Can Paralyze A Full Grown Man

    From Redditor u/24520ls:

    If you see a tiny yellow octopus with blue rings, get the f**k away from it. The blue-ringed octopus has a paralyzing venom that also leaves you fully aware of stuff around you.

    From Redditor u/aaaaaaaarrrrrgh:

    The venom also doesn't really do much except paralyze you. This may kill you because you need muscles to breathe, but if someone breathes for you (e.g. with a bag valve mask) until it wears off, you'll be fine aside from the psychological damage.

    Or blindness, if you end up like the unlucky guy who got successfully saved on a nice sunny Australian beach, but nobody thought to close or cover his eyes, so he laid there... staring into the sun... unable to do anything about it or tell someone...

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