Actors Whose Costumes And Makeup Nearly Killed Them On Set

Since the very beginning of films, actors have been put in all kinds of awkward, strange, and even deadly situations for the sake of our entertainment. From poisonous makeup to costumes that almost killed actors, there's a lot less glamor in the entertainment biz than people generally fantasize about. 

Some of these wardrobe and makeup incidents might even turn your stomach. From hospitalizations to disfiguring allergic reactions and even death, these actors have really been put through the ringer. While some of these films and TV shows are from before the days of set safety concerns and legal stipulations protecting cast and crew, others are shockingly recent.  

If you're a film buff that likes to know all the wardrobe secrets behind Hollywood's biggest hits, take a look at this list of actors who were put in harm's way because of what they had to wear. It's definitely not pretty.