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The 20 Most Dangerous Locations in Anime History

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Everyone has dreams occasionally of living in a fantasy world. And few outlets provide quite as much fantasy as anime. Anime usually provides the most colorful, intriguing, and straight up bizarre of fantasy options. But anyone who has watched enough anime will also tell you, that for every enticing and imaginative escape that anime provides, there are 20 absolutely freaky and horrifying possibilities presented as well.

The worlds built in anime are intricate and intriguing but there are plenty of dangerous anime locations no one would ever want to see replicated in the real world. Between mass casualties, hideous monsters, dystopian war zones, and daily attacks there are plenty of nightmare-scapes thought up by anime creators. While the animated nature of anime provides desensitization when watching these disturbing scenarios play out, lets take a minute to consider what life in these crazy anime settings would actually be like. 

With so much anime skewing toward younger audiences, it's easy to gloss over the more mature series like Elfen Lied or Attack on Titan, both of which rarely allow their poor characters a peaceful day. It's hard to decide which is worse, being devoured by naked giants or forced to play in suicidal games. That's just the top of the barrel. Let's dive deeper into 15 anime locations that will certainly never be turned into theme parks. 

  • The Capital - 'Akame ga Kill!'
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    There's no government like a corrupt government. The world in Akame ga Kill is rather brutal to its protagonist, Tatsumi. The poor country boy moves to the Capital to earn money for his village. He's immediately swindled out of his money, nearly killed by a two-faced noble family, and made to witness the public crucifixion of citizens. It's enough to make anyone join a group of assassins like the Night Raid, which is what he does. Welcome to the resistance, Tatsumi.

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  • Tokyo-3 - 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'
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    The world of Neon Genesis Evangelion is so dangerous that Japan is on its third Tokyo. Following the nuclear destruction of Japan's capital, Tokyo-3 was built as its intended replacement. Unfortunately, the futuristic city is plagued by monstrous beings called Angels. It's so dangerous the buildings are built to retract beneath the ground for safety. The only hope Tokyo-3 has against these destructive Angels are three emotionally unstable teenagers with the ability to pilot mammoth cyborgs called Evangelions. Better get started on Tokyo-4.

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  • Z-City - 'One-Punch Man'
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    With every superhero movie nowadays ending in near destruction of Generic City X, it makes one wonder why anyone would continue to live in urban cities. One-Punch Man, the anime superhero parody, provides the most believable answer for its citizens of Z-City. The rent's cheap. Yes, Z-City might be the home to such a plethora of monsters that even Godzilla would be overwhelmed, but affordable housing is hard to come by. 

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  • The fantastical world of One Piece is inhabited by the deadliest of pirates so, of course, the world government needs a prison that's deadlier than them. Impel Down, a maximum security prison located underwater, is six-and-a-half levels of torture. A spiked forest colored with the blood of men; demonic beasts of all shapes and sizes; hellish temperatures, starvation, and so much more. Even the warden of the prison, Magellan, is inhuman.

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