12 Dangerous Makeup “Hacks” You Should NEVER Try

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No one said being beautiful was easy, but it's a whole lot more difficult if your beauty routine is literally ruining your skin. Beauty bloggers and vloggers swear by certain dangerous makeup hacks, and without knowing the science behind them, millions of their fans follow suit. That spells disaster for hapless novices attempting to paint their eyelashes with potentially carcinogenic petroleum jelly or burning their skin with seemingly harmless toothpaste.

Everyone loves a good beauty hack, but the truth is that there are some cosmetic shortcuts you shouldn't try. Don't use wasabi on your face unless you like your pores feeling irritated, and avoid using Sharpies as makeup at all costs. And please, please stop squirting yourself directly in the face with hairspray – your skin will thank you!

By avoiding some common beauty mistakes and risky shortcuts, you can achieve the flawless skin and on-point looks of your dreams. Just don't try these makeup hacks, even if you're curious.

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    Dabbing On Nail Polish To Cover Cold Sores

    Cold sores are hard to cover, and you may be convinced by a beauty vlog to try to make them disappear with the use of clear nail polish. Avoid this at all costs. According to the American Contact Dermatitis Society, clear nail polish often contains nickel, a common allergen. 

    The only thing worse than having a cold sore is having a cold sore and a huge allergic reaction on your lip.

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    Swapping Sharpie For Eyeliner

    You can thank pop queen Taylor Swift for this one, who apparently revealed she uses Sharpie as eyeliner in a pinch. Sorry Tay, but you should never, ever, ever put the felt-tipped pen near your eyes. While a Sharpie may give you a truly bold eye, the fragrance alone will make your eyes burn.

    Eyeliner is specially formulated to be used near your eyes, so stick with that.

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    Subbing Deodorant For Primer

    Deodorant is great for your underarms, but it's a nightmare on your face. While some beauty bloggers claim it works as a great primer, the aluminum salts and fragrances in deodorant are extremely irritating. Don't use antiperspirant, either; it works by clogging your sweat glands with aluminum, so imaging what it'd do to your face (hello, acne!).

    You can also expect red, flaky patches and excess dryness.

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    Applying Wasabi As An Acne Spot Treatment

    Wasabi spot treatments rose in popularity when Instagrammer Farah Dhukai shared a video of her performing the DIY hack that racked up millions of views. The truth is that wasabi has no anti-acne properties whatsoever. Zip. Zero.

    In fact, it can actually burn your skin (the fact that it burns your mouth should have been the giveaway).

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    Applying Cinnamon Face Masks

    Cinnamon skin treatments gained exposure when French YouTube vlogger EnjoyPhoenix posted a delicious-looking, DIY, chocolate-cinnamon facemask. Who wouldn't want to rub that all over their face? Unfortunately, cinnamon is best left in your baked goods.

    The spice is dermocaustic, meaning it irritates the skin and can cause severe burns. While some people are more sensitive than others, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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    Setting Your Makeup With Hairspray

    Tons of beauty blogs and online tutorials recommend using a spritz of hairspray to keep your makeup in place. Unfortunately, it's a complexion killer. The lacquers and alcohol in hairspray are drying and irritating, and it could cause red bumps to pop up all over your skin.

    As one writer put it, "If it’s not meant to be used on your face, then probably don’t use it on your face."

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