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Every year tens of thousands of kids are injured by their consumer tested toys. Hundreds of thousands of reports come in and it takes a number of government regulated commissions and bureaus just to handle toy safety.

 When you think of classic toys from your childhood or your parents childhood you realize some of them were insanely dangerous (a few of those make the list here) but we haven't learned our lesson from toys. In fact it seems like we're inventing new and more creative ways to make them dangerous.

 In 2012, an estimated 265,000 children were treated for toy-related injuries in emergency rooms [source: Consumer Product Safety Commission]. This doesn't even include the number of adults who were injured after playing with toys not meant to accommodate their size and weight. Toys can be dangerous, toys can be deadly. Read up and see what to avoid wrapping up for your little daughter/son/niece or nephew on their next birthday.
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U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

U-238 Atomic Energy Lab is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made
Photo: via Wikimedia

The same man responsible for the Gilbert Glass Blowing Kit (and Erector sets too, but those are just awesome) was also responsible for releasing radiation as a toy for kids.

These Atomic energy labs came with three different types of LIVE uranium ore! And a Geiger counter just in case you wanted to measure the amount of radiation you were receiving.
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Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

Gilbert Glass Blowing Set is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made
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When you think glass blowing what do you think of? Extreme heat? Sharp Objects? Molten Glass? Children's Toy? Well in the 1950's they certainly did, the Gilbert Glass Blowing Kit was all of those things and more!  

Go ahead Timmy heat that glass to a malleable state (1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit) have fun!
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Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made
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Super hot trays of plastic to easily burn children? Check.
Imminent Fire Hazard? Check.
Plastic-y staining goop the consistency of syrup? Check.

Oh and the fumes emitted while mixing all these charming ingredients were toxic.
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Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made
Photo: via Wikimedia

These are interesting because they seem so obviously dangerous. What part of throwing a weighted spike in the air and seeing where it lands seems safe?

It's like Friendly Fire: The Game. (The force of an original steel tipped thrown lawn dart was an estimated 23,000 pounds of pressure per inch, more than enough to pierce a skull)