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The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made

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Every year tens of thousands of kids are injured by consumer-tested toys. Numerous reports make it an exhaustive effort for various agencies to contend with the issue of toy safety.

When you think of classic toys from your childhood or your parents' childhood, you realize some of them were insanely dangerous (a few of those make the list here) but we haven't learned our lesson from toys. In fact, it seems like we're inventing new and more creative ways to make them worse than even the most dangerous '90s toys

 In 2012, an estimated 265,000 children were treated for toy-related injuries in emergency rooms. This doesn't even include the number of adults who were injured after playing with toys not meant to accommodate their size and weight. Toys can be dangerous, toys can be deadly. Read on and see what toys with which you are familiar that made this list. 

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    U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

    Photo: Webms / Wikimedia Commons / CC 3.0

    A.C. Gilbert, the same man responsible for the Gilbert Glass Blowing Kit (and Erector sets too, but those are just awesome), was also responsible for releasing radiation as a toy for kids.

    These atomic energy labs came with three different types of LIVE uranium ore! And a Geiger counter just in case you wanted to measure the amount of radiation you were receiving.

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    Empire Little Lady Stove

    Metal Ware released the Empire Miniature Electric Ranges targeted towards little girls to help them learn to cook and bake. Consider that most regular ovens have a limit of 550 degrees, but these kid-sized versions could reach temperatures of 600 degrees

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    Gilbert Glass Blowing Set

    When you think glass blowing, do you think about extreme heat? Sharp objects? Molten glass? Children's toy? Well, in the '50s, apparently, these characteristics were synonymous with child's play. The A.C. Gilbert Company's Glass Blowing Kit was all of those things and more!  

    Go ahead, Timmy, heat that glass to a malleable state (1,000 degrees Fahrenheit). 

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    Aqua Dots

    These dots, when sprinkled with water, would glue together into any shape your mind could come up with. Cute, colorful, fun, right? Except that they were toxic when ingested and the glue actually metabolized into gamma-hydroxybutyrate. GHB is the drug slipped into the drinks of unsuspecting individuals to knock them out.

    Kids were ingesting this chemical from their toys and these things are still on the shelves.

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