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Horrifying And Unexpected Ways You Can Die At A Water Park

Is there any better way to cool off during the summer than going to a water park with your friends? You can work on your tan, see who can do the biggest cannonball, and chill in the lazy river. That’s great, but do you know all the things that can kill you at a water park? Those places are essentially death traps waiting for you to pay admission. Every year there are multiple water slide deaths, and even though there are life guards on duty, there’s really not much security in place that can keep you from drowning or worse while you’re trying to have a relaxing afternoon with your friends.

There isn’t a summer that goes by without myriad water park deaths taking over your local news station, frightening would-be water slide aficionados from going HAM in the lazy river, and while it might seem like water park deaths are just something cooked up on a slow news day, there are actually a lot of ways to die at a water park. There are the obvious ways of dying, like drowning, or a slide collapsing - but what about killer bacteria? Or explosions? The next time you're waiting for your turn at the top of a water slide, remember these terrible ways to die at a water park - and make sure you keep your floaties on.