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All the Ways You Can Die If You Live Alone

Updated November 5, 2019 206.3k views19 items

There’s no way around it, we’re all going to die. But some of us are going to have much sadder deaths than the rest of the world. If you live alone you’ve probably thought about how you could die and no one would know for at least week, maybe two. Some people have even gone years without anyone checking on them. When you cross that invisible line between “living alone” and “being a hermit” the likelihood of dying alone in your home increases from “probably going to happen” to “no way around it.” A lot of people like living alone and that’s great, but if you’re one of the proud hermits of the world you should take a look at all the ways you can die if you live alone.

Thanks to the ubiquity of food delivery services and all of the great video streaming services, death and living alone have never been so intertwined. And while we don’t offer any ways for the hermits of the world to escape their inevitable fate, we do have a list full of ways that you’ll probably die if you live alone. We’re not telling you to go out and move someone into your sad little one bedroom apartment right now, but we are saying that if you live by yourself for the rest of your life there’s only so many ways that your final days can shake out. 

  • In a Fire

    There's no rule that says you're not allowed to celebrate holidays because you live alone. Although maybe there should be, especially if that holiday involves drinking alone and lighting candles. You don't want to end up like this 48-year-old man who recently died after accidentally setting his house on fire.

    Unfortunately this kind of lonely, terrible death occurs all too often. Things that seem harmless, like lighting candles while drunk, take on a new element of danger when you are alone with no one to step in if things start to go wrong. 

  • Pure Sadness

    Ugh, you guys, why is it so hard to be a human being? It seems like no matter what we do there's a good chance that we're going to end up alone at the end of our lives. If a heart attack, accidental fire, or drug addiction don't get you, unadulterated sadness is waiting right around the corner to take care of business. Yes, you really can die from sadness.

  • Drinking Yourself to Death

    When you live alone without anyone to tell you to put down the PBR there's a good chance that you could drink yourself to death. According to the CDC, 88,000 people do just that every year. Whether you drink so heavily that your liver finally calls it quits, or you're brought down by an easily treated illness, a heavy drinking habit and an empty house could be a deadly combination. 

  • Choking

    When you live alone, every meal is a life and death situation. To make sure you survive your lonely life, you should learn to give yourself the heimlich, or just stick to liquids. Although there's always the possibility that you'll choke yourself to death with your own hands