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What Has Danica McKellar Been Up To Since 'The Wonder Years'?

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Most people will remember her as Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, but in reality, there’s far more to Danica McKellar than the ‘80s motif of a timid girl next door would lead you to believe. 

Born in La Jolla, CA, on January 3, 1975, McKellar got her start in acting while studying at the Diane Hill Hardin Young Actors Space. By age 9, McKellar began her acting career with a number of commercial gigs and roles on two episodes of The Twilight Zone. It was at this point that her career took off with her most memorable role as Winnie on The Wonder Years.

Since attaining Wonder Years fame, McKellar has opted to take a different route in her professional life, including obtaining a degree in mathematics and becoming a New York Times bestselling author; however, this hasn’t kept her from continuing her pursuit of the Hollywood limelight - far from it.

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