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18 Stealthy Details From Daniel Craig's 'James Bond' Films

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Everybody has a favorite James Bond. Whether you're a fan of the classic espionage of Sean Connery or the unapologetically campy take of Pierce Brosnan's Bond films, there's something for every taste. Daniel Craig's outings as Agent 007 have brought the franchise back to its basics in the best way possible: grit, visuals, and creative choices with massive attention to detail. This is a collection of small details from the Daniel Craig James Bond films. Whether you're a fan of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, or Spectre, this list has details from all of the Craig Bond films. 

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    A Classic Bond Girl Has A Cameo In 'Casino Royale'

    From Redditor u/Tokyono:

    In Casino Royale (2006), one of the poker players is played by actress Tsai Chin. She had played a minor Bond girl in You Only Live Twice (1967).

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    At The End Of 'Skyfall' M's Full Name Is Revealed

    From Redditor u/epicurious_aussie:

    In Skyfall, [Judi Dench's] M’s name is revealed to be Olivia Mansfield. It appears on the gift box that is given to James Bond at the end of the film.

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    Bond Has Some Serious Trigger Discipline

    Photo: Casino Royale / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/Letywolf:

    In Casino Royale, when asked to surrender his gun, Bond puts the safety on before dropping it to the ground.

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    'Skyfall' Had Some Weird CGI Added For The Sake Of Continuity

    From Redditors u/Burnnoticelover and u/NiceSasquatch:

    During the Komodo scene in Skyfall, Daniel Craig's hands are pudgy. This is because he was wearing gloves during the shoot that were CGIed out later to fix a plot hole. Craig had purchased a pair of leather gloves that he believed would be something that Bond would wear. After receiving the green light by director Sam Mendes to wear the gloves in a scene, it was later pointed out by an editor that with the gloves on, Bond would not have been able to utilize the fingerprint scanner on his gun. Reshoots are expensive, so they used CGI to add in bare hands.

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