Every Daniel Craig Movie, Ranked

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More than 600 movie fans have cast their votes for the best Daniel Craig movies, and the results are truly impressive. From larger-than-life blockbusters to intense dramas that explore themes of power and revenge, this list has something for everyone. Whether it’s Bond or a completely different role, each entry captures the unique talents of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors.

Atop many fans' rankings is 2012's Skyfall, which saw Craig take on arguably his most memorable role yet again as 007 in a thrilling story packed with drama and suspense. Fans also praise Casino Royale (2006) for its gritty action sequences and masterful exploration of the character's psychology, while Layer Cake (2004) gives us an interesting look at life inside London’s criminal underground. Other fan favorites include Knives Out (2019), Defiance (2008), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011), Munich (2005), Logan Lucky (2017), and so much more!

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