See No Evil 2's Danielle Harris Ranks Her Top Scream Queens

Considering actress Danielle Harris is known as one of the top scream queens in the genre today, it seemed only appropriate to ask her about who SHE thinks belongs on a list of the Top Scream Queens of All Time. The veteran actress with pipes for days dished about some of her favorite genre actresses to see on screen as part of the promotion for See No Evil 2, which pits her against a (supposedly dead) killer already in the morgue in a race for the lives of herself and her friends. 

Limited to just five actresses (four really, since she had clearly already made the list), the morgue worker with an iron will to stay off the steel slab was asked named four other actresses as long as she could give them in no particular order, leaving the final positions on this list of the top horror genre actresses up to the public so they can have a say in the overall rankings. 

Photo: @horrorgal / Instagram