TMI Facts About Danny DeVito's Sex Life  

Ryan Davis
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For all of those Tumblr fans sexually attracted to Danny DeVito, today is your day of reckoning. The words "Danny DeVito sex life" might conjure images of his character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but in reality his sex life is like a self-parodying, one man show that has gone on for the past 35 years. Whether discussing ex-girlfriends, his former dating life, or his current (albeit rocky) relationship with Cheers star Rhea Perlman (are they married, are they divorced?), there is nothing off limits for DeVito to spin into an insane story of sexual depravity and conquistador-inspired satire. Danny DeVito has lived a life that most wouldn't have survived this long. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that his sex life equally matches his madness.

Feast your eyes on all of DeVito's most ridiculous, NSFW quotes, stories, tidbits, and past sexual encounters. As much as DeVito is in on his own joke, there are still countless moments of his ludicrous behavior plastered all over the Internet that teeter between the boundary of fact and fiction. Let's try to close the gap between DeVito's farcical, satirical persona and his real life sexual nature. Here are all the TMI facts about Danny DeVito's sex life you probably didn't want to know. 
He Had Sex with His Wife in the White House

In a still-drunk-from-last-night interview with the ladies of The View, DeVito went on a mumbling, candid rant about all things politics and all things sex. DeVito wholeheartedly claimed that he and his wife, Rhea Perlman, had wild sex in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House. He went so far as to add that the two "made it their business to wreck the joint." According to DeVito, every space was "utilized." 
Channing Tatum Would Have Sex with Him

In a Reddit AMA, Channing Tatum disclosed that if it came down to it, he wouldn't mind having sex with DeVito. In a particularly dire game of "F*ck, Marry, Kill," Tatum was asked to choose between Ray Romano, Gilbert Goffriend, and Danny DeVito. Tatum responded by saying "I'd f*ck Danny DeVito, as I was saying earlier it could be fun." He later went on to add that if forced to fight DeVito, he imagined it would be naked and that they would have sex after. Once again Reddit proved an interesting place, to say the least.
His Favorite Word Is F*ck

Are you even surprised? Whether as an expletive or a form aggressive arousal, DeVito's all time favorite word is "F*ck." There you have it.
His Sisters Helped Him Get Laid

DeVito grew up in a house full of women. And he used to spend a lot of time with his sisters and their friends. DeVito attributes this proximity to ladies to his sexual track record in high school. In an interview with The Big Issue, DeVito said that he "had a big advantage over some guys who didn't understand the opposite sex." He's quoted as saying, "I would tell my younger self to use that advantage more, actually—hang around, listen to the girls more. There are nuggets of knowledge you can pick up from an older sister."