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All Danny Jacobson shows list, featuring TV series created by Danny Jacobson, with pictures from the show when available. Series and programs made by TV creator Danny Jacobson are listed below alphabetically, with additional information such as when the show first aired and what network it aired on. What are all of the Danny Jacobson TV creations? This series list includes any shows that Danny Jacobson co-created and maybe served as an executive producer on.

List is made up of many different shows, including Mad About You and Davis Rules.

This list of television shows features programs produced, written, and adapted by Danny Jacobson. This list answers the questions, "What shows did Danny Jacobson create?" and "How many shows has Danny Jacobson created?"

These shows may not have all aired in the same country, but they were all created or co-created by Danny Jacobson. (5 items)
Davis Rules is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Danny Jacobson Shows and TV Series
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Davis Rules is an American sitcom broadcast on ABC in 1991 and on CBS in 1992. The series was produced by Carsey-Werner Productions. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Randy Quaid, Patricia Clarkson, Giovanni Ribisi, Jonathan Winters, Bonnie Hunt, + more

Premiered: 1991

Number of Seasons: 2

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Good Advice is an American situation comedy series that aired for two seasons on CBS from 1993 to 1994. It was co-created and executive produced by Danny Jacobson and Norma Safford Vela; and starred Shelley Long and Treat Williams. The show was a hit, but it was cancelled because Long had suffered health problems that made her unable to film any new episodes for a long period of time. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Teri Garr, Shelley Long, Christopher McDonald, Treat Williams, Estelle Harris, + more

Premiered: 1993

Number of Seasons: 2

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Mad About You is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 23, 1992, to May 24, 1999. The show starred Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a newly married couple in New York City. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, John Pankow

Premiered: 1992

Number of Seasons: 7

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Simon is an American sitcom that aired from September 10, 1995 to February 25, 1996. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Jason Bateman, Harland Williams, Andrea Bendewald, Patrick Breen, Paxton Whitehead

Premiered: 1995