Graveyard Shift

A Teen Terrorized A Family While Living In Their Walls, And It Sounds Like A Real-Life Horror Movie

In late 1986, Brian Andrews received a call from a neighbor that his two daughters, Annie and Jessica, had fled their home in terror after finding messages written on the walls in blood. While Brian doubted the story, he returned home to find an intruder who had been living in the walls for months.

The intruder was 16-year-old Daniel "Danny" LaPlante, who knew the Andrews kids and had a history of petty crimes. LaPlante received a lenient sentence due to his age, but his crimes escalated in December 1987 when he killed three people just weeks after being released from juvenile detention.

Daniel LaPlante's story sounds like an urban legend, and while sorting out the facts can be tricky, this list breaks down the story of a killer who received three consecutive life sentences for his crimes.