A Teen Terrorized A Family While Living In Their Walls, And It Sounds Like A Real-Life Horror Movie

In late 1986, Brian Andrews received a call from a neighbor that his two daughters, Annie and Jessica, had fled their home in terror after finding messages written on the walls in blood. While Brian doubted the story, he returned home to find an intruder who had been living in the walls for months.

The intruder was 16-year-old Daniel "Danny" LaPlante, who knew the Andrews kids and had a history of petty crimes. LaPlante received a lenient sentence due to his age, but his crimes escalated in December 1987 when he killed three people just weeks after being released from juvenile detention.

Daniel LaPlante's story sounds like an urban legend, and while sorting out the facts can be tricky, this list breaks down the story of a killer who received three consecutive life sentences for his crimes.


  • Annie Andrews Went On A Bizarre First Date With Danny LaPlante In 1986

    In 1986, 16-year-old Annie Andrews received a phone call from a teenage boy named Danny, who claimed to be the friend of a friend. They reportedly spoke on the phone several times, and Danny described himself as tall, blond, and athletic.

    Annie eventually agreed to go on a date with Danny but was surprised by his appearance when they met in person. When Danny arrived at the Andrews house, Annie saw that he had greasy dark hair, acne, and a disheveled appearance; however, Annie still agreed to go out with Danny, and the two went into town for ice cream.

    During their date, Annie stated that Danny displayed odd behavior and asked inappropriate questions when she mentioned that her mother had died of cancer a few months prior. Annie ended the date after an hour and stopped returning Danny's calls, but he was far from done with her.

  • After Holding A Séance, Annie And Jessica Andrews Thought Their House Was Haunted

    In an effort to contact their deceased mother, Annie and Jessica Andrews held a séance in the basement of their home. Although nothing strange occurred during the séance, the sisters began hearing knocks on the walls of their bedroom. At first, the sisters wondered if the knocking was a sign from their mother's spirit, but as time wore on, they began to fear something much darker was in the house.

    The knocking would take place at all hours of the day and night, waking the girls from sleep and scaring them. Items began disappearing then reappearing in different locations, and the girls would come home from school to find their bedroom furniture moved.

    Annie and Jessica's father, Brian Andrews, didn't believe that the house was haunted. He hadn't experienced any of the phenomena the girls reported, and he knew about the séance. Brian attributed the reported activity to their imaginations and grief over their mother's death.

  • The Girls Found A Message Written In 'Blood' On The Basement Wall

    One day in early 1987, Annie and Jessica heard strange sounds coming from the basement. When they went to investigate, they found a horrible sight: Written on the wall in what looked like blood was a message that read, "I'm in your room come find me."

    The sisters ran screaming from the house in search of a neighbor who could alert their father. When Brian Andrews came home, he discovered that the words on the basement wall had been written in ketchup rather than blood and once again assumed this was a cry for attention from his daughters.

    Though the noises died down for a while, another message eventually appeared on the wall, this time in Annie's bedroom. The note read, "I'm back find me if you can." Once again, the girls fled the house and a neighbor called Brian. As he entered the house, he was greeted by the source of all the strangeness his daughters had experienced over the past several months.

  • Brian Andrews Found Danny LaPlante Dressed As His Wife And Wielding A Hatchet

    As Brian Andrews entered his home and walked to the top of the stairs, he found another message on the wall written in ketchup: "Marry me." It was then that Brian looked into Annie's room and saw a teenage boy dressed as his deceased wife, wearing a blond wig and face paint. (Some reports say he wore her wedding dress.)

    The boy was also holding a hatchet, and Brian had to fight off the boy before he escaped. According to reports, LaPlante was there one minute and gone the next. The police were called, and they conducted a search of the house.