15 Interesting Daredevil Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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The MCU is one of the biggest superhero franchises in history. With so much source material to pull from and countless interesting characters, there's no question as to why. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding everyone's favorite blind vigilante - Daredevil. Whether he's being a lawyer for the downtrodden as Matt Murdock or fighting crime in the streets, Daredevil has always been a fan favorite.

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    Matt's Erratic Sleep Cycle Helps With His Nighttime Vigilante Activities

    From Quora user Christine Hanefalk:

    Does Daredevil ever sleep? This is very simple: He is, in most regards, a normal human being with normal human needs. The need to sleep appears to be a universal traits among all higher animals. There is nothing in his tool box of heightened senses that would negate this. So yes, Daredevil sleeps.

    However - although this is never addressed in the TV show, movie, or comic book - people who are totally blind risk developing sleep disorders since the sleep-wake cycle depends on light input from the eyes, to at least some degree. If the brain doesn’t get this signal, the cycle tends to run a bit longer than 24 hours which can lead to people’s sleeping patterns periodically falling out of sync. A pet theory of mine is that this actually benefits Daredevil’s night time activities (some of the time), while of course doing nothing to benefit his day job.

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    Matt Murdock Is Rich

    From Redditor u/funnygreensquares:

    I just finished Daredevil and it never made sense to me that he would be in the accident, made blind, and still be poor. I know how car insurance works and there's just no way.

    From what I remember about the accident, a commercial truck carrying chemicals was involved and Matt had no negligence in causing the accident. Commercial trucks are insured 6 ways to Sunday. The company leasing the truck, the company who owns the truck, and the truck driver's personal auto insurance can also be used in excess. There's just no way there's no insurance, even in Hell's Kitchen.

    When you're in a car accident and get injured, you get a bodily injury settlement. Not only does it pay for all of your medical care (not just the costs you pay for but the whole bills up front), it also gives you a pain and suffering settlement. For a 9 year old who got blinded, the pain and suffering half of the settlement alone would break a million dollars easily. Especially when you consider the fact that a horde of hungry attorneys were probably surrounding his hospital bed hoping to be retained because a case like this is a freaking golden egg.

    Even if, let's just say, it wasn't entirely the truck's fault. Maybe he was cut off by a car and that car didn't have insurance, it doesn't matter. New York is a joint and several state which means that little Matty can pursue either negligent party for 100% of the damages and then that person gets to go after the other guy for a reimbursement.

    Now let's just say, for the sake of covering our bases, that the insurance screwed him over and his New York lawyer utterly failed him. Matt's famous! He got blinded as a 9 year old saving someone. There surely was a news report creating a bunch of people sending in donations - especially once they learn he's a poorly Hell's Kitchen boy who now needs assistance and lives alone with his dad.

    What I think happened is Matt's dad is a proud hardworking man. He sees the settlement money as Matt's and put it away as a college fund to give him a better future than he could provide. He doesn't like using money people give him so he'd never just take it and live off it but he would use it to buy braille books. This is how Matt can go to law school, finance his life style, building a law firm, and his apartment without ever worrying about money. But because of the frugal lessons his dad taught him growing up, he never desires a lavish lifestyle and doesn't burn through the money as certain other Richie Rich's might.

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    The Biggest Flaw In Matt's Relationships Is His Tendency To Romanticize Everyone

    From Redditor u/dmreif:

    I don't know if anyone's noticed this from Daredevil, but Matt has a character flaw that's worth mentioning. It's that he has this tendency to romanticize his friends and lovers. Always wanting see only the good in them, and when they prove to be less than pure he tries to reform them. This notion is in theory noble, but it brings him a world of pain. It distorts his view of the people around him, especially Elektra.

    But because Matt has these rose-tinted glasses on (pun intended), he constantly wants to protect everyone, especially people Karen. I think one of Matt’s many problems that strained his first attempt to start a romance with Karen is that he created this image or idea of her in his head. Of “sweet innocent” Karen who must be protected at all times. Of course, he doesn't know that Karen killed James Wesley, so he doesn't recognize that she is perfectly capable of rescuing herself. Matt never stopped to think that what he was doing is unrealistic, but he wanted to keep this pure good concept of her in his world of violence and darkness, maybe because it's what he felt he needed. In his effort to protect Karen, Matt ended up causing more pain than anything else by lying and pushing her away. When Matt disclosed his secret to her, I was like, "Thank god he realized that he was being a dick and that was not the way to do things."

    That's the flaw in Matt's relationship with Karen.

    But what about Elektra? Well, with Elektra, Matt literally says at one point “We need to stop corrupting each other.” Matt and Elektra do have a chemistry, but it's a destructive one. She wants to pull him over to her side, for him to commit murder. I think the reason their bond is so strong is that she was (I think) the first person who knew about his extraordinary abilities, aside from Stick. He confides in Elektra.

    But some people like to forget that Matt does “have the devil in him”. He has that cold "do what it takes" part to him, something that Elektra taps into. He has that, for lack of a better word, “bad boy” part to him. Elektra wants him all to herself, and I get that she says that he is the only person who has ever believed that she can be good, and I get the attraction of that. But she also wants him to cut off all of his personal relationships, which he does. He gives it all up for her and for being a vigilante, and while that might seem romantic it isn’t. It’s controlling. That's the flaw with his fling with Elektra.

    Due to Elektra, Matt cuts Karen and Foggy from his life. He throws away his oldest friend, his own practice, and the girl he loves. All because of Elektra. This is not to say that Matt doesn’t have a choice in this. Foggy was right when he pointed out Matt was the one that decided to do all of this, but he didn't know that Elektra was emotionally manipulating Matt.

    The best way to summarize this is with something Charlie Cox said:

    “I think what’s really interesting about the Matt/Karen and the Matt/Elektra dynamic is that Matt is, in a weird kind of paradoxical way, able to be completely himself—but different versions of himself—with both of those characters. The Matt that comes out when he’s around Karen is the Matt that he really deeply believes is himself. [He believes] that that’s who he is. That’s how he feels about the world. That’s the kind of person he wants to be… However, there’s this big problem in that she doesn’t know everything there is to know about Matt. She doesn’t know this other side of him and he’s not able to completely be himself with her because of that, because he hasn’t told her that he’s Daredevil.

    With Elektra, the opposite is true. She knows he’s Daredevil and she encourages him to really go deeper with that, go further with his darkness, and the violence, and the excitement and all that. He feels, in a paradoxical way, very authentic with her, but at the same time, she’s asking him to tap into something that he doesn’t feel is quite true—a darkness, and a violence, and a disrespect for law and order that doesn’t feel quite right for him.”

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    Matt's Poor Choices In Season 2 Of 'Daredevil' Are The Result Of Lingering Brain Damage From Being Shot By Frank

    From Redditor u/dmreif:

    Many people have criticized the fact that when Frank shot Matt in the head, the only lasting effect Matt had was a concussion and a few bouts of hearing loss, which miraculously vanished after an episode. That the hearing loss was really just a plot device to allow Frank to capture him when Matt faced off with him at the Grotto sting.

    But I think the bullet wound changed Matt a bit. Here's my pieces of evidence:

    The first piece is Frank himself. We know Frank was shot in the head too during the Central Park shootout, and it's affected his mental state ever since, as demonstrated over the course of Daredevil season 2 and the first season of his own show. A doctor even testified at Frank's trial over how the bullet Frank took to the brain would affect his mental thinking processes.

    The second piece of evidence is Matt's behavior. I've seen a few Tumblr bloggers gripe about how Matt's character development from season 1 was seemingly undone in season 2 - he lied to Karen and Foggy and kept them in the dark for no legitimate reason and he was easily swayed by Stick and Elektra into joining their war with the Hand despite the fact that he had previously told Stick to F-off back in season 1 when Stick had tried to recruit him then.

    What am I getting at? Well, entering the first episode of season 2, Matt has developed a nice balance between his Daredevil life and his law career. He's making efforts to be open with Foggy and he's getting more and more attracted to Karen. Then he gets shot in the head during his first fight with Frank. While the apparent physical damage like the concussion and the hearing loss goes away fairly quickly, Matt never actually fully recovers from this injury. Notice how for the rest of the season, Matt never seems to stick to anything for long, he seems pretty out of it and much of the time is pretty frantic and flip-flopping. "We must take this case! Oh, wait, I have this thing, you guys do it." Or "You can leave Stick, Elektra. No, wait, I'll help you, Elektra. I'll never leave you." Before he got shot in the head, he had things pretty well in hand. After he got shot in the head, not so much. That, I think, is why he was unable to balance things out between helping Elektra fight the Hand and working on Frank's trial. Matt's poor choices in season 2 are the result of lingering brain damage from when he got shot by Frank, and maybe even before that because Matt's taken lots of punches and other strikes to the head well before Frank came along.

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    Murdock Isn’t The Ladies Man That Foggy Believed Him To Be

    From Redditor u/Retlaw32:

    TL;DR Fairly inconsequential, Murdock lied or let foggy believe he was slaying in college so he could have private time to train without raising suspicion.

    In Daredevil season one, Foggy makes constant mentions of all the girlfriends Murdock used to have. In season one Foggy tries to trick Matt into not hitting on the realtor, believes he has a woman in his bed in the morning, and in general believes that Murdock is a suave ladies man. While I think Murdock certainly has a natural charisma, I don’t think it’s the truth. We only see Murdock physically intimate with two characters on the show. Elektra and Karen, two women whom he was very close to. We haven’t seen any evidence of flings or one night stands. My theory is that Murdock was happy to let Foggy believe he was a ladies man, especially in college, to justify when he would be away training. When Foggy told Matt in season one that he must have been training his whole life after Stick left to be as good as he is, Murdock didn’t correct him.

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    Stick Thought Matt Might Be A Potential Black Sky

    From Redditor :

    I think Stick found Matt as a boy, because he looks for people who might be potential Black Skies. I don't think he ever mentioned to Matt that he was told about potential Black Skies. I even think Stick met Elektra himself and determined she was a Black Sky on his own. How did he find that boy in the shipping container? He keeps his ears to the ground. Kid gets into a weird chemical accident and is heard screaming that he can hear everything? Worth checking out.

    From Redditor u/Sixclynder:

    I've been rewatching season 2 and there are scenes where Matt enjoys the fighting. He connects to Elektra cause they both enjoy it but She always goes too far. Matt was born into being a Catholic which gives him big morales. Could he be a Black Sky but since how he was raised he turned out to respect human life. The acid made his senses better then normal humans but his fighting is better then any one in the hand, stick and Elektra.

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