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How Daredevil Went From The Kingpin's Deputy To Prison And Back To The Streets

The answer to the question “What’s going on in Daredevil comics?” is almost always pain and suffering of some sort for the Man Without Fear. All of the best Daredevil comics put Matt Murdock through the wringer, and all that trauma has become the defining feature of his character. More importantly, its given him the strength to get back on his feet again and again.

Even though he’s been down and out before in his most classic Daredevil sagas, the last decade has been particularly unkind to Matt Murdock. He’s been publicly exposed, he's had countless personal relationships destroyed, and he even did a stint in prison. Meanwhile, some of his worst enemies have had a great 10 years - Kingpin is the mayor of New York City, and Bullseye’s got an entire team of clones at his back. 

Fortunately, overcoming dire circumstances and overwhelming odds is old hat for Daredevil. And thankfully, the last decade has also gifted him another Daredevil to back him up.