Devilish Posts From MCU Fans Who Are Rediscovering 'Daredevil' On Disney+

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Thanks to the combination of Hawkeye, Spider-man: No Way Home, and Netflix's Daredevil finding a new home on Disney+, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is back in the public eye. As Matt Murdock, his old foe Kingpin, best bud Foggy, and the rest of cast for the original 2015 show find their way back to both the silver and small screens, fans of the MCU take to social media to celebrate what many consider to be the best Marvel show of all time. Here are a few delightfully devilish social posts about the superhero. Vote up your favorite posts.  

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    Making Sure

    Making Sure
    Photo: becky5203 / Tumblr
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    Best Scene In 'No Way Home'

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    Top Tier Villain

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    Kingpin Has Spoken

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    We See What You Did There...

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