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20 Things You Should Know About Netflix's Daredevil

Daredevil is the first of four planned Marvel properties soon to be making their way to your living room, thanks to Netflix. The show introduces us to the world of Hell's Kitchen and leads directly into Jessica Jones, which brings us into the world of Luke Cage, which then goes into Danny Rand (Iron Fist) and sets us up for The Defenders show. Sound like a lot? It most certainly is! But what Daredevil trivia and behind the scenes facts should you know before binge-watching this new Marvel series?

Marvel is basically laying a new foundation to rival their already vast cinematic universe with around 60 planned hours of programming! This is a completely new frontier in the realm of television and Marvel is leading the way. 

These are some of the facts you may not know about Daredevil and the Netflix series that's sure to change the game in comic book entertainment. Vote up your favorite facts below! Be sure to also check out other great shows like Daredevil.

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    It Promises to Be Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen at Marvel

    Photo: Daredevil / Netflix
    “Although these are superhero stories, this is different now. This is the street level…this is the street level noir side of the Marvel Universe. Something that you haven’t really, really seen in any of our Marvel movies,” said Joe Quesada (Marvel's Chief Creative Officer). “And probably more ground level, than I think you’ve seen. This is not like us doing Batman, Dark Knight or any of that stuff. This is very Marvel doing street level superheroes. The scripts are coming in. They are pretty fantastic. They’re really emotional. They’re very, very original. But at the same time, it is Daredevil. It is Matt Murdock."
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    He Will Eventually Get to Don the Iconic Red Horns

    Although most photos of Daredevil pre-release show him in a black outfit, it was confirmed that he would appear in his iconic red outfit. But it's given to him. He makes the black one himself, but not the red.

    “In the end, somebody else [in the story] makes his Daredevil costume. What’s really exciting is the evolution of it, and how he comes to have it made,” Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky said.

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    The First Season of the Show Will Run 13 Hour Long Episodes

    Photo: Daredevil / Netflix
    The show is set to be released all at once with 13 one hour episodes. Since it's on Netflix there's every likelihood that it will be like House of Cards and play more like a 13 hour movie and be delightfully binge-worthy.
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    Daredevil Is the First Piece of a Much Larger Puzzle

    Photo: Marvel
    Daredevil is the first of many Netflix series, that will lead up to an eventual crossover in The Defenders. Also on the docket are a Jessica Jones show (to Star Krysten Ritter) a Luke Cage show (to star Mike Colter) and an as of yet uncast Iron Fist show. Those will then conclude with a huge Avengers-esque Defenders show!

    “This deal is unparalleled in its scope and size, and reinforces our commitment to deliver Marvel’s brand, content and characters across all platforms of storytelling. Netflix offers an incredible platform for the kind of rich storytelling that is Marvel’s specialty. This serialized epic expands the narrative possibilities of on-demand television and gives fans the flexibility to immerse themselves how and when they want in what’s sure to be a thrilling and engaging adventure.”