Fans Are Pointing Out Things About Disney's "Dark Age" Movies That Prove They Deserve More Credit

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Disney's Bronze Age (1970-1988) is better known to fans as Disney's "Dark Age," named in part because of a lack of success seen with the majority of the films released, but also due to the fact that the era began with the death of Walt Disney. After Walt's death, the studio changed their tune in how they approached storytelling and animating, with more of the stories using darker themes and the animation having a messy look with heavy black lines.

This didn't sit well with audiences and critics at the time, but these films have had a recent resurgence in popularity due to their catchy songs, fun characters, and compelling stories. In other words - yes, they're a bit rough around the edges, but they're still charming and deserve more credit!

Don't believe it? See what fans have to say below.