Dark Secrets Behind The Scenes Of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' That Will Make You Hate It

Everybody Loves Raymond is remembered fondly by many for its relatable comedy and honest insights into the inner workings of marriage and family. The show ran for nine years, and as you can imagine, a few crazy stories exist from the set of Everybody Loves Raymond. While some of those tales are lighthearted, there are also some dark Everybody Loves Raymond stories.

To some, this may not be surprising, as there was a whole lot of anger in the show - the family dysfunction was much more in-your-face than on shows like Home Improvement, where the discord was buried in subtext. Still, a few of the actors got themselves into some shady situations, and there was even a point when Ray Ramano's co-stars were not so much in love with him (though he was probably used to such treatment, as fans don't seem to like him, either).

Everybody Loves Raymond behind the scenes was full of tension, whether it was due to a pay disparity between cast members or secret addictions and illnesses among the actors and crew. Not everything was gloom and doom, though; there are straight-up weird Everybody Loves Raymond facts that will surprise even the most die-hard fans.