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These Dark Bugs Bunny Fan Theories Will Blow Your Mind

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Alongside Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny is one of the most notable and beloved cartoon characters of all time. Bugs has been a mascot for Warner Bros. and the de facto leader of the Looney Tunes crew since he was first introduced in the 1930s. Despite Bugs Bunny's image as a family-friendly character, there are some dark theories on the cartoon rabbit.

Appearing in hundreds of films, cartoon shows, and television specials over the span of nearly a century, Bugs Bunny is ubiquitous, and fans have ample material from which to draw their dark Looney Tunes theories. Cartoon-lovers around the world have developed plenty of sinister theories on the carrot-munchin' prankster.

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    He Might Have Offed Hugo

    Evidence suggests the mischevious rabbit may have offed a goon. From a former Redditor:

    In the 1946 animated short Racketeer Rabbit, Bugs meets two [wiseguys] Rocky and Hugo in their hideout, which he mistakes for an abandoned farm house. When he gets on their nerves, Rocky tells Hugo to take Bugs "for a ride" - a common underworld phrase which implies [ending someone's life].

    Bugs gladly accepts, claiming "I could use a breath of fresh air!" Hugo takes Bugs out in a car to an undisclosed location and that is the last we see [of] Hugo. The last time he is mentioned is when Bugs says, "He won't be bothering us anymore."

    Afterward, Bugs messes with Rocky and not even once [does] Hugo come to intervene. That means only one thing: Bugs offed Hugo! Hugo was tasked to [take care of] Bugs but the latter obviously outsmarted him and undeniably [ended] him.

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    Bugs Bunny Is Actually A Trickster God

    Bugs may not actually be a bunny, but rather a trickster god disguised as a rabbit. From Redditor /u/Lilandriss:

    So, after reading the theory that Wile E. Coyote is a beta tester for Acme, it got me thinking about the episodes he appears in with Bugs Bunny where he actually talks and claims to [be] a "super genius." We don't know for sure if he is or not since we don't get to see his "super genius" at work with any other characters (other than the Road Runner). But, let's just say that he is and he's had many, many successes. But he fails with Bugs.

    Why? Because Bugs Bunny is a demi-god trickster (Loki or something), disguised as a rabbit purely to f*ck with everyone. He's seen Wile E.'s success and decides to screw with him and take him down a few pegs. Which is why nothing he does works on Bugs. The same with Elmer Fudd. Dude must have some skill as a hunter or it stands to reason that he wouldn't be hunting, right? Yet he can't take down a giant rabbit standing less than two feet in front of him? He fires point blank and MISSES? Why? Because Bugs willed him to miss so he could lead the poor guy on a... chase all through creation just for kicks.

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    Bugs is Just A Massive Jerk

    One fan argues some of Bug Bunny’s behavior is not justified, and that the cartoon rabbit actually just being a jerk. He says:

    In the short entitled “Elmer’s Pet Rabbit” we have Elmer not actually hunting Bugs. He’s bought Bugs at a pet store, intending to keep him as a pet. What follows is Bugs being this ungrateful little sh*t of a rabbit who b*tches about his food (carrots, which it’s been long-established are Bugs’ favorite), commandeering Elmer’s bed and generally making a... nuisance of himself. Elmer has done nothing to antagonize Bugs at this point. This isn’t self-defense. Bugs even acknowledges he’s been a total [jerk] to him halfway through the cartoon.

    What about the rest of the time, though? I mean, Elmer really is an idiot. He’s hardly a worthy opponent to Bugs’ shrewd cunning. A lot of what Bugs does to him in later cartoons can be seen as overkill. Bugs really doesn’t come off as a sympathetic protagonist at all. This is where the other two come in. Yosemite Sam was created because Bugs was coming off as a jerk when dealing with Elmer. Once again, we were back to Bugs dealing with his antagonist in self-defense. Unfortunately, even Yosemite Sam posed no real threat to Bugs. Bugs isn’t even phased that much by anything Sam ever does.

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    Bugs Is Present In Multiple Universes

    The lack of continuity between each episode of Looney Tunes suggests the series does not tell a continuous story. Instead, some argue the series shows millions of different realities, and Bugs and the other characters travel across them on various unrelated adventures. From Redditor /u/if_I_AM_SEEN_I_AM_HI:

    Okay, so as we know the Looney Tunes were a set of characters (most anthropomorphic animals) that had wacky adventures for about seven-minute episodes. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and all of them had their short segment where they interact with different Looney Tunes characters. Each episode was also free from any kind of continuity, such as Sylvester the Cat being a normal house-cat owned by Porky Pig in one episode, then an alley cat with a son in other episodes. Each episode is a different look into the infinite universes of Looney Tunes.

    This is why we can see Yosemite Sam as a pirate in some episodes then a Hessian fighting against Bugs Bunny in another. This also explains weird jumps in time such as Bugs Bunny hanging around in Medieval Times then in present day playing baseball. Then Porky Pig is a hotel manager in the Wild West one episode then he is living in a modern (for the 1950s at least) city the next. 

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