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14 Surprisingly Dark Moments in Captain America Comics

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It’s a well-known fact that violence in comic books has long been a controversial topic. Brutal vigilantes like The Punisher blur the line between good and evil, spreading gore and carnage across the page. However, there remain a few superheroes who can still be described as wholesome. Chief among them is Captain America, the personification of an eagle draped in an American flag carrying an apple pie.

Cap is the greatest of the good guys, always standing up for what’s right and what’s honorable. Sure, he may have killed some Nazis and punched Hitler, but nobody should have a problem with that. There just aren't that many times when Captain America went crazy in his comics. He’s generally as civil as a professional villain fighter can be. The guy carries a shield into battle, how much more peaceful can someone get? No one would suspect Captain America of committing the same sort of acts that Frank Castle regularly does, but the truth is there are some really dark moments in Captain America comics. Keep reading below to learn more about them.