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Disturbing Moments From Comics That The Movies Wouldn't Dare Show You

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Films adapted from comic books are usually gritty, violent, and filled with crazy, implausible scenes, so any moments that are considered "too dark" for a film based on a comic book have to be really dark. And these dark scenes aren't your typical "there was more blood in the comic" but scenes that are so disturbing, they could pretty much only exist in a comic book (like anything that Hellboy ever did). This list will highlight some disturbing moments from comics that filmmakers thought was best to leave on paper. 

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    'Kick-Ass 2' Changed A Very Brutal Scene

    Kick-Ass 2 was disappointing for most fans of the first installment and subsequently, fans of Mark Millar's comic book series. Although the first film proved worthy of praise, the muddy sequel fell short of expectations, to say the least. While it tried to maintain the gritty tone of the source material, the film did make one major adjustment that did in fact change the film for the better. 

    The scene in question is when Chris/Motherf***er and his gang of goons break into Miranda's (AKA The Night B**tch) house and attempt to assault her but Chris fails to get an erection, opting to beat her instead. This scene is already questionable as it is but the original is much much worse and involves Katie Deauxma. In the comics, Chris arrives in Katie's neighborhood and for some reason decides to nonchalantly murder some innocent children along the way. Finally, at Katie's house, Chris and his goons murder her father harm her until she's in a coma. As much of a disaster as Kick-Ass 2 turned out to be, we can be glad this scene was left out of the film. 

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    In The Original 'Extraction' Comics, Ovi Is A Teenage Girl And Tyler Forces Her To Have A Miscarriage

    Extraction is a 2020 action-thriller, starring Chris Hemsworth and produced by the Russo brothers. The film came out pretty recently but fans have already been comparing it to its graphic novel, Ciudad written by Ande Parks, as well as Anthony Russo, and Joe Russo. The film follows a black-ops mercenary (Hemsworth) on a mission to rescue Ovi, the son of an Indian drug lord. 

    Except, in the comics, Ovi is actually a naive 18-year-old girl who was kidnapped and forced to watch as her boyfriend was shot in the head. Instead of a father-son bond like the one depicted in the film, Tyler falls for his young target and develops feelings for her. This leads him to secretly slip her an abortion pill (he thought she might've been assaulted in captivity) and it causes Ovi a bloody and traumatic miscarriage. It turns out, Ovi was pregnant but not as a result of her kidnapping. Tyler and Ovi also share a kiss in the graphic novels, despite the fact that Ovi is young and vulnerable. 

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    Alan Moore's 'From Hell' Comics Were Much More Disturbing And Included The Inception Of Baby Hitler

    At first glance, 2001's From Hell just seems like your average period piece horror film. Johnny Depp plays a London detective who investigates a string of murdered sex workers who are being targeted by the notorious Jack the Ripper. The film plays out as a straightforward slasher film while making barely any mention to the eponymous graphic novel series it was adapted from, written by Watchmen's Alan Moore. 

    However, the original comic series is not just another take on Jack the Ripper but a dark, brooding story about murder, classism, misanthropy, conspiracy, and even time travel. In fact, the source material insists that the Ripper is wrapped up in a larger conspiracy that goes right to the top of England's royal family. On top of all that, we see the birth of baby Hitler. In a sex scene between soon-to-be Hitler's parents, at the point of insemination, Klara Hitler has an awful premonition of the Holocaust, foreshadowing what her baby would go on to do. 

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    In The 'Wanted' Comics, There Is A Character Made Out Of Human Feces

    Do you remember Wanted? That 2008 Angelina Jolie movie about secret assassins and bullet curving? It was based on a limited graphic novel series of the same name, created by Mark Millar, the writer who penned Civil War and Old Man Logan, as well as co-creating the Kingsman: The Secret Service series. The film was based on Millar's comic series but the filmmakers took some creative liberties and left a lot of his original story out. 

    While some of the magic from Millar's comic series was lost along the way, the filmmakers were right to cut out certain aspects from the graphic novels. For example, there is a villain named "S**thead" who is a creature made entirely out of the feces of the evilest people who have ever lived. S**thead is eventually killed after he's covered in bleach and literally flushed down the toilet. Can't see that adapting too well onto the big screen. 

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