Dark Details About 'Half-Blood Prince' That Linger Like An Unbreakable Vow

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In many ways, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is like the calm before the storm. Preceding the explosive conclusion of Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, it sets the stage for Harry's quest to find the horcruxes, and provides a deeper dive into the backstory of Tom Riddle. Half-Blood Prince still packs a strong punch, though, and as fans online point out, it has some of the darkest small details in the series. From a newspaper article reporting on the murder of Amelia Bones to the lasting imprint left on Narcissa Malfoy after taking the Unbreakable Vow with Snape, there are plenty of chill-inducing moments to choose from.

Check out this list of dark details fans spotted in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and don't forget to vote up your favorites!

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    The Witch Who Defended Harry Is Found Murdered

    From Redditor u/Numerous-Lemon:

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), a newspaper states that a witch named Amelia Bones was found murdered at her home. She was the witch that defended Harry in Order of the Phoenix (2007).


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    Voldemort Hints That Harry Is A Horcrux

    From Redditor u/RadagastTheBrown133:

    Just after discovering Voldemort made a bunch of horcruxes, Harry asks Dumbledore how to find them, to which Dumbledore replies, "Magic...leaves traces". Then Harry touches the ring horcrux and it starts spinning. Dumbledore then says, "...I think I might have discovered another, to which I cannot destroy alone. Once again I must ask too much of you Harry". This phrase takes on a double meaning for the events that transpire directly after in the cave and the fact that Harry himself is a horcrux and will need to give his life in the end in order to destroy Voldey.

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    The Unbreakable Vow Leaves A Scar On Narcissa

    From Redditor u/freddlaren:

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when the unbreakable vow has been made between Narcissa and Snape a visible scar/mark can be seen on Narcissa's hand.

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    Tom Riddle Collects A Preview Of The Horcruxes

    From Redditor u/Baymus:

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Dumbledore visits young Tom Riddle in the orphanage, he has seven stones on his window, foreshadowing Voldemort’s seven Horcruxes.

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    Leanne Knows Something Bad Is Coming

    From Redditor u/gandalf31415:

    In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you briefly see Leanne nervously tapping her fingers on her glass, hinting that she felt something was up with Katie Bell getting the package with the Opal Necklace.

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    Hagrid Startles At Voldemort's Name While Passed Out Drunk

    From Redditor u/aterracciano101:

    After Hagrid loses one of his best friends and passes out after drinking heavily, he wakes up for a second after Harry says Voldemort’s name. (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - 2009)

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