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Albus Dumbledore Decisions From 'Harry Potter' That Prove He Wasn't Great At Being A Good Guy

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Albus Dumbledore was the beloved headmaster of Hogwarts who aided Harry Potter and his friends in their attempts to defeat Voldemort. That's all very well and good, but when taking a good look at his actions, it seems that "good" might not have always been Dumbledore's motivation. In fact, the legendary wizard seemed to have a bit of a dark side. Here is a look at a few questionable Dumble decisions that make fans wonder about his moral compass. 

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    He Kept Trusted And Loyal Teachers In The Dark When They Could Have Helped

    Professor Minerva McGonagall was a wise and loyal instructor, always at Dumbledore's side. So why didn't he trust her enough to let her in on the plan? She could have helped, perhaps even saved a few lives... including his. 

    With a powerful and loyal staff, it is a wonder why Dumbledore didn't reach out to at least one or two of his most trusted teachers for help. Instead, he put all the responsibility on Harry's shoulders. 

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    He Never Told Harry About The Last Horcrux

    Despite all their history and every tragedy they endured together, Albus Dumbledore never told Harry the truth about his scar, his suspicions regarding the final horcrux, or his true relationship to Voldemort. Instead, he allowed Harry to die when he faced Voldemort. Sure, it was only for a moment, but the event was still traumatic.

    He should have trusted Harry to do what is right, rather than hide from him important information about both his enemy and himself. 

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    He Was A Master Manipulator 

    Dumbledore used Harry Potter as a way to save the magic community, manipulating his every decision based on the idea that Dumbledore had his best interests in mind. And although Dumbledore did serve the greater good, it was definitely not in Harry's best interest. Dumbledore knew Harry was loyal and good, and would therefore willingly give up his life if it meant defeating Voldemort. Yet he didn't trust Harry enough to tell him the truth about his relationship with Voldemort or the purpose of his protection.

    In the end, much of his guidance had an agenda. 

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    He Allowed Teachers To Verbally And Physically Mistreat Students

    Although Severus Snape proved to be a hero by the end of the series, that didn't stop the Hogwarts potions professor from acting cruelly throughout the series. From punishing Harry because of the sins of his father to making fun of Hermoine's teeth, Snape enjoyed picking on his students. And for whatever reason, Dumbledore allowed it. 

    But Snape wasn't the only nightmare teacher. Gilderoy Lockhart removed all of Harry's arm bones, and Sybill Trelawney predicted gloom and doom for the traumatized Harry again and again.