People Are Remembering The Creepiest Episodes Of Light-Hearted Shows That Stayed With Them

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Over on Reddit, fans of small screen comedies and sitcoms are sharing the darkest episodes of their favorite light-hearted romps and sitcoms. From super sad moments in kiddie shows to scary scenes from classic '80s comedies, here are incredibly dark episodes from light-hearted shows. 

  • 'M*A*S*H' - 'Goodbye, Farewell and Amen'
    Photo: CBS

    Posted by u/surfdad67:

    The episode where Hawkeye is getting therapy for a situation where the mother had to suffocate her child because they were surrounded by NKA. He was in denial the whole episode and kept saying it was a chicken, but at the end they showed it was an actual child, I was like 12 at the time, f*cked me up

  • 'Little House on the Prairie' - 'Sylvia'
    Photo: NBC

    Posted by u/ballroombritz:

    The ONLY episode of Little House on the Prairie I’ve ever seen was about a young teen girl getting [assaulted] and impregnated by a man in a clown mask, then killed.

  • 'Full House' - 'Silence Is Not Golden'
    Photo: ABC

    Posted by u/girthcharts:

    That episode of Full House where Stephanie makes friends with a boy whose father abuses him.

    There's this whole thing about whether she should keep her promise to keep it a secret or not, but then he starts missing school because of how bad his dad beats him, so she ends up telling Uncle Jesse.

  • Posted by u/deadlypliers:

    Kimberly and Arnold hitch a ride from a [serial predator.]

    Oh, and that episode about the [bike store owner/creep]. The shop owner lures them into the shop, and shows them some hentai, and Arnold's like "[screw] that" and leaves Dudley there with the creep.