Dark Things You'd Really Rather Not Know About Jim Carrey 

Jacob Shelton
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If you were like most people who came of age in the '90s, then you grew up with Jim Carrey in your life. He was either introduced to you as Ace Ventura, or you stayed up all night quoting Dumb and Dumber with your friends until you passed out. Really, there are so many bomb Jim Carrey movie options that might've done the trick. But while he was making movies that would go on to be some of largest grossing comedies ever, he was also working on his scary Jim Carrey persona. This version of Jim Carrey has some very strange thoughts about medication, is torn on whether or not he actually liked his parents, and can’t find love. From his time spent rubbing cheese on his hands on a movie set to his graffiti war with the New York City police, these weird Jim Carrey stories will make you think differently about the goofy Canadian star that you grew up with.

Before that, though, it's time to address the elephant in the room. There’s a group of people who believe Jim Carrey killed his girlfriend, but the only two people who know the answer to that are Jim Carrey and his ex, and neither of them are going to talk about it. It’s a disheartening blight on the career of Carrey who seems to be a very troubled person doing his best to exercise his personal demons through art. Although, at times, it looks like the harder he works at fighting his demons, the stranger his life becomes. 

He Wants To Make Babies With Emma Stone
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Ugh. Carrey says he was goofing around, parodying weirdoes on the Internet, but the unsettling profession of love to Emma Stone video he posted on YouTube is classic narcissistic behavior coming from someone who feels the need to act out for attention. So what if Emma Stone is pretty? That doesn't mean you need to tell her that. So what if you've been thinking up names for your "chubby little freckle-faced kids?" Don't tell her that.

This video is basically cat calling to the nth degree, but because it's coming from an ultra-famous guy, people tried to make excuses for why it's totally passable. Even if this were some kind of finely tuned satire, it's not very good satire to everyone. Carrey should focus his energy on more worthwhile pursuits, like making another movie where a guy talks out of his butt or becomes obsessed with a meaningless number and plays saxophone. 

There's A Possibility That He Enabled His Ex To Commit Suicide
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Things became incredibly strange and complicated in Carrey's life in 2016 when his on-again-off-again girlfriend Cathriona White committed suicide. It's an awful circumstance that no one should have to live through, and it had to take an emotional toll on someone who seems to be emotionally unstable in his everyday life. But to make matters worse, White's mother believes that Carrey enabled her daughter's suicide by providing the prescription painkillers that she used in her death.

White's mother filed a public suit that alleged Carrey's behavior included, "dumping [her daughter] out of concern for saving his own public image, calling [White] a 'wh*re' and shaming her, and then using his high-priced Hollywood lawyers and 'fixers' to intimidate and threaten her in an effort to silence her." According to Carrey's lawyers, White "sought out and stole Carrey's prescription medication from his home without his knowledge." 

Ya Boy Doesn't Believe In Vaccines
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Just in case you were still holding out hope for Jim Carrey to have one normal bone left in his body, this piece of information is here to remind you that he's kind of the worst. After dating the Queen of anti-vaxxers, Jenny McCarthy, Carrey hopped on the crazy train and started posting tweets like this: "They say mercury in fish is dangerous but forcing all of our children to be injected with mercury in thimerosol [sic] is no risk. Make sense?" And, "I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-thimerosal, anti-mercury. They have taken some of the mercury-laden thimerosal out of vaccines. NOT ALL!" 

Hoo-boy. Here's the thing, most vaccines don't have mercury in them anymore, so that argument can be tossed out the window. And, even the ones that do contain a form of mercury contain something called ethylmercury, which is a compound that naturally degrades, ensuring that there's no buildup in your body. Ehtylmercury isn't the same thing as methylmercury, which you find in fish and can make you sick if you put too much of it in your body, especially if you're Jeremy Piven.  

The important thing to remember here is that Jim Carrey is not a scientist. Jim Carrey is a man who is famous for doing impressions of Jimmy Stewart and talking out of his butt to Tone Loc, which doesn't give him the authority to explain what is and isn't safe to people on Twitter.

Carrey Probably Gave His Ex STDs
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Oh no. One of the many upsetting things that came out about Carrey after his ex-girlfriend committed suicide was that one of their breakups came about after it was revealed that he had given her three different STDs. According to the Daily Mail, until 2013, Carrey was using the alias "Jose Lopez" for all of his medical records, which is a thing you can do apparently, and in that same year "Jose Lopez" tested positive for Hepatitis A, HSV (Herpes) I and II, and Chlamydia.

The White family's lawyers claim that after getting the results, "Carrey then proceeded to have unprotected sex with Ms. White with full knowledge that he was STD positive, including on February 12, 2013 (two days before Valentine's day and within weeks after learning the test results). Even after doing so, he failed to inform Ms. White that he had likely just infected her with STDs and possibly hepatitis A. This was not only callous, it was criminal."